Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just found a spider in my bra. Gross. This tiny thing crawling around. I saw one earlier at lunch and flicked it off but he obviously wasn't alone. That grosses me out significantly, where are they coming from? Do I have more? In my hair?

Just got back from lunch out with work. I had a thai chicken salad. It was the kind of salad that's mostly noodles, not veggies. I should really ask first. I didn't eat a ton of it, that's the nice thing about spicy food. it's easier to stop when you're full.

Breakfast was the same cereal as yesterday. Almost peanut butter toast, but the bread was moldy. Good because I forgot that I'm trying to steer clear of peanut butter lately.

Yesterday I went to Winners and then Walmart and then we went and voted and by the time I got home it was 7:00 and I was starting supper (quesadillas). So by the time I finally ate it was much too dark for a run. Poor dog. I did my inside metabolic bodyweight intervals. They're awesome. Well they start out awesome, but the middle exercises aren't too tough. The last one is good (jump lunges!). Then I helped hubby out with the Wheel of Love for the wedding (instead of tinking the glasses you spin the wheel, it's fun). Then it was bed time!

Tonight I've got to hem his suit pants and iron his shirt. He's leaving tonight with BIL to go home (since he can, I work tomorrow still). Then I've got to go to kickboxing class. Plus I want to book an eyebrow wax for friday morning or thursday night, plus I want to instant tan a little. I ALSO wanted to get some inserts for my shoes so they fit a bit tighter and my feet don't fall out all the time (anybody else have this with rigid pumps? or am I just a bad high heel walker?) PLUS I didn't find any little bolero yet, I know there's the perfect one at Le Chateau but I'm not spending $50. Sis said I can borrow her scarf to use as a shawl but thinks it might look dumb. Anybody have any ideas? I was thisclose to buying 2 m of black satin fabric and using it as a shawl/wrap.

I'm not feeling the skinniest. I think it's a feeling thing though. I'm going to try and make the next couple days super good and workout HARD tonight to hopefully shake the feeling and start feeling strong and sexy. I'm charging the camera folks because I'm promising some hot pictures of moi!


Vanessa said...

Yikes! The spider thing would freak me right out!

Anonymous said...

omg. i laughed so hard when i read the spider thing. you are too funny!

eurydice said...

where are those spiders coming from? i would freak right out!

i found this website here:

there is a table near the bottom with body fat percentages for regular people and athletes.. i seem to fit in with it so i'm just going to go with the flow! :)

Hydro said...

Ugh. I know what you mean about the spider thing. You'll probably be freaked out for days whenever you're putting on clothes. I had some jeans that were layed out for the following day on my hamper and I threw them on and felt a stinging sensation... yeah, some sort of bug thing. I saw it fall out of my pant leg. I still feel nervous about putting on my slippers because I think if they can get into my jeans, they probably love my slippers.

Angie All The Way said...

OMG there was JUST a itty bitty spider on my desk on my paper and I have no idea where it came from! eeeeeerie!

If her scarf is black, it should go with your dress just fine, unless it's made of a completely different style of fabric? Regardless though, I'm sure it will be fine and you probably just want it with you in case you feel uncomfortable and for going outside.

Oh yeah I'm all pissed because I wrote you a super long comment on the weekend from one of your posts below and it screwed up and I lost it and I haven't had 2 mins to rub together lately to write it all out again! Sorry :-(

Jen said...

EW!!!!!!! I am terrified of spiders and my worst fear is having them in my hair!!!

As for your shoes, definitely go with insoles...mine are always padded and stuffed with tissue (for pointy toed shoes so they don't get creases) and sometimes patched with padding for ouchie spots...seriously...good thing they look cute on the outside cause the inside is usually like patchwork!!!

And I think the scarf/shawl would be a good idea! I like boleros but the scarf is more can do a whole lot with them, and then at the end of the night when it's colder you can wrap it around you more to cover most of your upper half (when you aren't worried about looking hot and just want to get home and stay warm!!!)...though the satin fabric idea is nice as well!!! It would match the texture on your dress!!!