Monday, October 27, 2008

other things

I dyed my hair on the weekend. it's now dark brown. I was nervous about it and therefore used non-permanent hair dye (28 washes so I shouldn't get bad roots).

I spent $30 on friday night at the mall and went home with 3 t-shirts (slightly dressier than my everyday clothes, I'm gradually trying to class myself up.) and 2 tanks, they were $5 or $6 each.

I did lots of house cleaning and movie watching. Not exciting but needed to get done. I even cleaned out my kitchen appliances, and found a bunch of stuff to get rid of. As in a sandwich maker, a bunch of measuring cups, my old stand mixer (I got a new one), electric can opener and a ton of cookbooks. I would love to try and sell some of this stuff but I'd only want like $5 each so it's harder to do it on ebay or kijiji, a garage sale would be perfect. Unfortunately we'd have to wait until next spring. But I think that's what we're going to do. We've got boxes of stuff in the basement marked "garage sale" but most of it's junk.

Today hubby got up for work an hour before I have to get up and usually he hits snooze on the alarm so it goes off every 10 minutes, totally annoying me when I could be getting real sleep. But this morning he just left it playing. An hour later, like most alarm clocks, it just shuts off. This morning I wake up at 8:10 (already late for leaving the house). Apparently I slept through the whole hour of radio without hearing it. AND I had gone to bed an hour earlier than normal at 9:30! Weird. Luckily my bosses aren't around this week so it was no big deal.

I actually have a big bunch of work to do now again for the next month or so which is nice. However it's a bit overwhelming too after tons of weeks of nothing. Also, my thesis defense is finally getting scheduled. apparently I have some delinquent committee members that basically haven't replied to any emails for the past couple months.

We think my neighbour had their baby on the weekend. (based on their car being missing, her being due around now, AND their other car parked on the sidewalk as if there were more important things going on than parking properly...) so I baked her some cranberry muffins and threw them in the freezer. I made 12 for her and the batter made 4 extra so I ate those in about 2 hours. Also, I bought a big bunch of bananas that were the perfect ripeness and ate 6 of them in about 6 hours. It was a carby weekend.


Angie All The Way said...

Wow girl, you sure do love bananas! It was nice of you to make the new mom and dad some muffins too ;-)

tash said...

Post a hair pic!

eurydice said...

Oooh I want to see the hair too!

Bi0nicw0man said...

We have half our garage filled with those "garage sale" boxes. I'm starting to think I'm just going to weed through them and start dropping a box at the donation bin every time I go to the grocery store. I'm sure there's $100 worth of stuff there, but I think my time and our space isn't worth that piddly amount of money at this point!