Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The wedding

Hello folks. So I'm going to try to recap my weekend even though it feels so long ago. Unfortunately I brought only 1 memory stick to work here so I only have some of the wedding pictures. Here's a couple with me to get things rolling. First are a couple pictures of me, but they were taken at the end of the night after I had washed my face already but hubby was goofing around. I think my dress is even half undone already, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of other pictures of me in my dress:

Check out the back cleavage here, but that's muscle right?

Me and a bridesmaid. I look good.

Just me clapping and dancing, I look dumb, I hope I didn't look dumb dancing the whole time. Plus you can see a little pot belly, but minor.

And here's a picture of the bride and the veil I sewed. I am not in it. and I didn't ask permission to post this picture. shhh.

Ok, so my weekend started thursday. I was way tired and sick after work, but I had tons to do still. I got my eyebrows waxed and I don't know why I don't do that very often, I love it. Anyway, then I did some baking and cooking and packing. I was finally ready to go home at 9:00 at night, but it would be too late, so I left at 8:00 AM friday morning.

Got home and unloaded the car. Hung out for a while before things started happening. We went into the school (that's all there is in this small town for receptions) to decorate. Did that and it was ridiculous. Things should be much better organized. There wasn't really a plan and nobody was directing the fiasco. Ugh, annoys me working with people in situations like that.

Anyway, we previewed my slideshow and people were crying (bride and groom were removed for that part) so it was a success. Anyway, ate some pizza they ordered, I had 2 pieces. Then we headed to the church for the rehearsal. Sort of another schmozzle. They ended up getting a different priest 3 days before the wedding. Seriously (the one had to go to a family funeral, so they had this old retired priest who was probably 97 years old. He wasn't bad, but wasn't very forceful in directing things either. again, annoying). Went home, helped MIL make the boutonnieres and bouquets. Then bed time.

I had a hair appointment at 11:30 so I could have slept in, however I was too excited when I woke up at 8 so I got up. Hung out with SILs before they went in to get their hair done, played with my neice a bit. Helped with more bouquets. Went in to get my hair done early, but she didn't finish it until 12:45, the wedding was at 1:30. OMG! Run home, run upstairs and throw my dress on, bride already had hers so I missed all those pictures and moments. (funny thing, I LOVED SILs dress, but even with $200+ of alterations it didn't look like it fit her well. It was all gapey at the boobs. Like super gapey when she moved, if she had perfect posture it was alright.) Anyway, throw my dress on, already had my makeup done. Tried to pack my purse, fix my shoes (inserts and heel guards etc). I thought we'd be coming back to the farm at somepoint to pick up my coat and whatever else I'd need for the dance but that wasn't the plan so I tried to throw everything together quick. Take off to the church at like 1:15. Barely get in my seat, still fiddling with my shoes, then they start coming down the aisle! It was so sudden. Got a bunch of pictures, but they're only alright (makes me want a new camera...). Did not cry, hardly managed to pay attention because I was SURE I would trip or my shoe would fall off when I carried the gifts up so was thinking about that. (I did not, it went fine, except when I bowed at the alter, I did it with my hands in prayer position, so I looked like I did a chinese bow thing!)

After the wedding we drove to get pictures a couple towns over. It was no problem for me, I was only in the family picture, we did one pose, first thing (because of the kids and babies) and then I got out of there with MIL and FIL. Stopped at the drug store because they needed bandaids and a pen for signing the guest book (last minute!). Then to the gym for cocktails and mingling before supper. I hate mingling.

Supper was good. Hubby did a good job of, but he went pretty long. He's always made fun of for talking too much. but it was funny. My slideshow was a big hit. everyone loved it. I cried during it. I was watching SIL watch it and I was nervous about her reaction. It was good though. But it made me cry. (very silly since I'd seen the slideshow 100's of times and it still made me cry). Then it was more mingling before the dance. And I still hated mingling.

The dance was fun. It seemed very short because the program ran long and then SIL talked me into helping clean up before I was really done dancing and stuff. I had a good time doing some ridiculous dances and even got complimented on my stupid dance moves. I also did a lot of jumping in front of the camera with jazz hands so you know it was way fun. I was hopped up on sinus medicine so no booze for me. Though people couldn't tell.

Cleaning up decorations was crappy. It was none of the groom's side, they just kept partying, even when we turned the lights on and were dumping their drinks, they'd just get another one. So annoying. But eventually we got out of there. I got to bed at 3:30. But up at 9 the next morning to help get ready for the gift opening that was at the farm. So had to haul in the leftover midnight lunch food, clean the house up. We kept it secret from MIL but their basement flooded again over night. (just happened a couple weeks ago and they thought it was fixed but apparently not. So we just mopped it up and put fans on it and shut the water off to the source). She's the kind who would freak out about it so she wasn't told. I couldn't imagine that, people not wanting to tell me something to save me from having to deal with it. But again, that's me and I am in NO WAY my mother in law.

Gift opening was exhausting. Lots of mingling. Ugh. Lots of eating too. My throat was sore so it was partly that. Plus my dress had been worn, I was a success so I sort of celebrated I guess. (It's still going on to be honest but more on that later).

Sunday night we looked at all the pictures from the wedding and watched the slideshow a few more times. For some reason I didn't go to bed until 11:00, even though I was so exhausted. But Monday was much more mellow. All I did was sleep and lounge and eat again. We came home last night and worked out some marriage things (household chores and money) which was nice. And now it's back to normal. Feels very odd that the wedding's done. How long was I planning this and thinking about it? Now I have to reset my countdown clock for something else. Christmas I guess. very weird.

I think I'm taking this week off from caring about food. I seriously ate like an idiot all weekend, probably 6 cheesecakes, no kidding. Lots of juice and punch. Lots of fruit and veggies too but lots of cake and stuff too. I weighed in yesterday, 138. that was AFTER eating a huge plate of leftover potato and macaroni salad late at night. I also think I look skinnier in the waist now than I did on friday. Very bizarre, but I think I need to reset my metabolism. So I have no problem with what I ate yesterday: 2 pieces of cake, poutine and a whopper for supper. It was my treat to myself for staying at work until 10:00 last night. (that would be 14 hours of work!!!) So I'm giving myself the week off from caring about food. It's whatever I want this week. I just don't know when I'm going to say the week ends. Probably tomorrow, then good for the weekend. Not that I have to eat BAD, but I just don't HAVE to eat good. I've been eating the same things as usual, carrots and yogurts etc, but I'm just saying it's ok to have cake basically. I'm debating going to my exercise class tonight. There's nothing else I need to be doing, but I'm just so exhausted. I haven't had enough sleep in any night for the last week. But to be fair, I don't think I'd sleep if I don't go to class anyway. So I'll probably go.

My crazy busy work from yesterday extended into this morning, but now it's done and I'm back to being bored. But only for the rest of the day I think. It is exhausting just doing the bored then busy thing. Hubby is back at work now, and they have inventory this weekend so he's working straight through until next week Wednesday. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to my weekend. I have a lot of things that I've let slide for the last month. Housecleaning, cleaning up the yard before snow (which is probably next week!), planting my spring bulbs before snow, packing up my sewing things, I've had some half done scrapbook pages sitting there for ages. Looking forward to all this again.

Anyway, I know that was a super long post so congratulations for making it to the end! Feel free to lecture me about my good eating holiday, but I'm probably not going to listen to you. I have a feeling when I'm not so tired I'll be all the more pumped up to lose the last 8 lbs for good. Until then, I'm completely fine with eating office birthday cake this afternoon!


Vanessa said...

Wow, that was a long one! I hate mingling too.

Jen said...

HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! You looked SOOOOOOO friggin good!!! Like stunning!! (and I LOVE the hair!!!)

Sounds like you had a decent also sounds like you are the girl to have around to have a good time and then help clean up (and they knew it!!!) Sorry you had to work so hard! I hope they realize how much you helped!!!

I'm glad that you are taking a break!! Even the super-awesome need a break every now and again!!!

Sagan said...

Aw sounds like such a sweet time! And those photos are great!

Carolyn said...

ok here goes.

1. You look freaking AMAZING in that dress. Like Amazing. Hot. Gorgeoue, the whole nine yards. Love it.

2. I know you said you don't really wanna hear it but who the hell posted the last half of this post?!?! That is SO not like you at all. A healthy eating VACATION for a whole WEEK? I know we all need a break sometimes, but a week? Since I'm being honest (brutally honest to the point where you probably want to kick my ass right now) in a few days, you're going to get on the scale and completely regret every single piece of cake, every french fry, every burger. And hopefully there won't be a big gain on the scale but to me, you are playing with fire. Just keep in mind that the whole "weight that comes on quick, comes off quick" saying isn't always true and you may be stuck taking off these extra pounds for what seems like forever. If I were you, I'd chaulk the weekend eating up to a great time and jump back on the wagon. You'll feel better and you won't regret it for one second!

Ok, I'm sure you hate me now. :)

PS Did I mention you look smokin hot at the wedding?!?

Angie All The Way said...

I have to join in too because I can't help it. You looked absolutely stunning in that dress like it was made just for you. Like a glove! Oh and it brings out the red in your eyes! lol j/k

I'm with Carolyn. Break? I suppose you changed your mind about BLBE.

Angie All The Way said...

P.S. accept my request to be your friend on FB so I can invite you to our toronto GTG group!

Sara said...

You look amazing in those pics!! And really c'mon your back looked perfect!!