Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am back

I am also busy. Turns out there was some minor drama at work while I was away and today I'm having to stay late to help wrap up a report that has to be done like yesterday. So I have no time to recap my weekend! Hence I'm postponing to tomorrow.


Jen said...

*sigh* you tease!!!

I am sitting and waiting to hear ALL about your weekend when you have time!! Good luck with the mini drama!!

Jen said...

Hey! And to answer your question about Vegas...we paid $2200 for the two of us airfare and hotel (you can get it WAY cheaper though - we booked through westjet vacations) and then we spent a LITTLE more than I would like there. We set aside gambling money though, and food money, it was mostly the shopping and the current exchange rate that got the best of us...and shows/tours...they all range from about $120-$400 for what we all did (Tournament of kings was the cheapest and "O" was the most expensive - for 2 of us)- hope that helps!!! If you need any more info I could probably help!!!