Thursday, October 2, 2008

I feel like rebelling again

I feel like rebelling and not tracking. I'm doing well, my food hasn't really changed since tracking, just sometimes feel good about it and sometimes feel bad about it. i'm eating just about exactly the same thing as yesterday so it feels like I don't need to. I think by saying that I'm forcing myself to track, just want you to hold me to it please.

So yesterday I cooked up a GREAT chicken stir fry. So healthy. I stir fried carrots and celery with just some water and some cooking spray (no oil, so not really frying). Added in onion, broccoli, snow peas and the cooked chicken. It filled up my wok so that the peas and broccoli which don't take any time to cook, took forever. Then added 1 cup of chicken broth, about 3 tbsp of soy sauce (still couldn't make myself measure this!). Cook it up for awhile. Then add around 1/2 cup of cold water mixed with 1 tbsp of corn starch to thicken it up. Just ate it alone, no rice or whatever. So good. Oh, I also added some ginger and some red pepper flakes, but I always add too much and make it too spicy for hubby. I forget how strong they are.

Anyway, after eating that I sat on my couch with the laptop and tried to find some of the songs you guys suggested. The hard thing is that I'm trying to match both the pictures, and the couple, and they sort of go against what I would do if it were my slideshow. I don't think they're exactly the indie music type. There's probably a country song that would be right, but I'm not really a country fan so can't think of any. That Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ka'arkndslknelkndflsd guy (you know the one?) is probably what I'll use. It's a great song and it would be like a duh except that it was used in the slideshow at the last family wedding only about 2 months ago. Seriously people, what did you have at your wedding? (hello Angie?) if not for a slideshow then a first dance?

So I did that longer than I had wanted to (but to be fair I had to let the food get out of my stomach too). And then only laced up my new shoes with enough time for a 15 minute run before I had to go to class. So that's what I did. It was a nice fast run. Some all out sprints. And it felt fantastic in my new shoes! HUGE difference! These aren't even "running" shoes just trainers, but it was awesome with the added cushion. Just felt like there was more spring in my step. Even on the sprints. However by the end of the kickboxing class, my toes still hurt. But really that's after working out for about 2 hours. I'd say that's not the shoe's fault.

Work has improved a bit, this stupid research continues, but now I'm applying it a bit, and the boss seemed really happy with what I've done. Just about finished it I think, then I can move on to some boring data reduction work, that I've actually been looking forward to because it means I can listen to my podcasts.

Tonight I think my original plan was for pork tenderloin. However my fridge is over flowing so it's leftover night instead. Then tomorrow (which was supposed to be leftovers) my parents get back from their east coast holiday so we're probably going out for supper. Don't know where. But I can usually find something healthy. I'll try and plan lighter meals for the rest of the day too.

Exercise tonight is going to be the bodyweight metabolic intervals I talked about yesterday. I'm really excited for them. And finishing this stinking slideshow!!! Maybe doing the veil as well because then I can give it to her at her stagette saturday. We'll see. Ok, going to log food now.


Carolyn said...


It's the only way to truly hold yourself accountable AND see the areas where you can imporove!

PLUS, you want to be super kick ass for the BLBE challenge right? One of your goals was to track your food so get to it! :)

The stirfry sounds yummy. I never though of adding cornstarch to it.

As for the songs, The last 2 weddings I went to, one first dance song was "At Last" and the other one was that -you're all I need, to get by.... song. I can't remember the name. It was kind of a weird first dance song, but kind of neat too.

oh and GO TRACK!

Angie All The Way said...

So do you plan and track, or do you just track? If you "plan" it the night before, you can think "healthy" and "weight loss condusive" thoughts in the plan and then you're job will just be to follow that plan the next day and not let yourself stray (too much) and it's already tracked in advance.

Quit being a rebel! You dont want to drag this out longer than you have to, right?

eurydice said...

stir fry sounds great. do you use a wok?

Jen said...

YOU HAD BETTER TRACK!!!!!!!! I will totally kick your butt if you don't (scary right?)

For my wedding I had "unforgettable" (Natalie Cole) for the "daddy-daughter" dance and "What a wonderful world" was mine and Danny's first dance...