Friday, October 10, 2008

what to do right

I always post so much on a friday and you all post so little. Poor pathetic me. But I have NOTHING to do at work. I'm just counting down the next 45 minutes. tick tock tick tock.

So being stuck at 138 felt very familiar to me. I had been stuck at this weight before for several months, before FINALLY breaking through down to 135 (back in late July before I went away for work and things went to pot). So I started reading those posts from back then to see what I was doing right.

Turns out, this crazy food thing is not new. I was having bad eating like crazy back then too. TOM and carbs just can't be kept apart right? BUT I was also pigging out regularly on fruit. I was eating a huge volume of food. I ate like 2 cups of cherries a day. Food at lunch was just huge. However suppers were on track mostly. Like omletes, no dessert. Or dessert of a banana and that's all. Granted I know that lots of fruit also can add up to lots of calories. But my food was lots and lots of protein and fruit. Not much else.

ALSO, all those carbs in the fruit was probably necessary to fuel all the running I was doing. I was running A LOT. Intervals 5 days a week. 3 times a week solid lifting. (this was the days of Body for Life workouts).

Compare to today? 2 or 3 workouts a week total. Eating packaged foods daily. smaller lunches, bigger suppers.

Hmm, wonder what to do?

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