Friday, October 31, 2008

how i celebrate

I'm wearing (one of many) my halloween socks and undies today. Socks are bright orange and I'm wearing them with open shoes so you can see it. That's about the extent of how I'm celebrating the day today. I am excited to see all the cute little kids in their costumes. SIL is bringing her baby by the office today to show me her costume. I guess if I was thinking I would have brought treats to the office that I could give her. But really, she's 6 months old, what was I supposed to give her? a bowl of pablum?

How I'm NOT celebrating today is by eating chips and chocolate. I did that yesterday. yes serious. Why can I not get serious about this weight loss thing? It's absurd. I have a great plan and it goes out the window like it was never even there. Very frustrating.

On the one hand I do think i'm looking good. I'm very obviously 5 lbs heavier but I think it looks good on me, everywhere but the belly. I have more curves at this weight and more of an hour glass shape. When I was thinner, my jeans fit better but I had more of a round shape, because the weight was still all in my belly but not above or below it. Sort of weird.

I think that what is really going to help me get started is to focus on the exercise, specifically the weight training stuff. That always gets me feeling good, and motivated, and when that happens I eat better. So even though I haven't done any workouts besides my 2 classes this week (aka nothing at home) I'm going to do a strength workout tonight AND tomorrow. I'm also making popcorn and having it around me all the time. Keep me out of the chips and candy we'll be giving away tonight. (I air pop and then put seasonings on, so yes healthy alternative)

Yesterday I bought the fabrics for my bags and decided which pattern to start with. I was all set to start then I remembered I had to wash my fabric still (so colors wouldn't run and it wouldn't shrink if I washed the bag) so I did that last night. I bought 1 m of 5 different fabrics, and each bag needs 2 different 1/2 m. So I should have enough for 5 bags. Cost me $10. Not too bad if they look good, if they look like crap then I would have been better off buying the $1 reuseable shopping bags from the grocery store. Wish me luck this weekend.

Other than that, not much to report. I am a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. yay! she doesn't know who's going to be maid of honor yet which is sort of weird to me. Like is she having auditions or waiting to see who helps the most? Anyway, so this weekend we may be going dress shopping (she hasn't replied yet to confirm!). We're also planning a trip to Edmonton to shop (and also visit my preggers friend!) in about a month so that's awesome. Coincide with some Christmas shopping I think. yay!

So my big plans I've got for the weekend:
1. Give the house a once over cleaning wise. Everything still looks sparkly and clean from last weekend, but prevention is the best medicine!
3. Make some raspberry jam (again). Follow directions this time. (I've got frozen mashed raspberries from my mom).
4. May a big pot of homemade soup to freeze for lunches as I'm finished the last bunch.
5. Sew some cute bags!
6. Potential shopping with my sister.
7. Potential helping hubby in the basement (my cold room is finally done and I moved most of the pantry stuff over last night but still have some organizing and stuff I need help with.) That reminds me, I better use some canned beans in that soup! I've got tons!
8. MAYBE have a date with hubby. We've got movie coupons from ages ago, so I'll check if anything good is playing. Also maybe we'll visit some friends who are getting a new puppy.
9. get some sleep! I'm so tired all the time still!

Wow, that's a lot to pile in, but it all is fun (except cleaning house, but won't take long). Should be enough to keep me out of the halloween candy!


Angie All The Way said...

Damn what I wouldn't do for an already clean/ quick tidy up house right now *sigh*

Your weekend sounds perfect. I am going to try to catch a movie with hubby too I think :-)

I think focusing on the exercise is a great plan.

Jen said...

*laughs* that's cute with the halloween socks and undies!!!Nobody dresses up at my it's all boring here...

I think your weekend is full of fun stuff!!!

That's so exciting that your sister asked you officially!!!Picking out your dress will be fun!!!

And I am doing the popcorn trick tonight as well!!! It's definitely better than my other options!!!

Cara said...

i hear you on not being able to get serious about it consistently at least. heh ;-)

Sagan said...

Holidays get me so excited for the socks and underwear and earrings that are made specifically for that holiday. It's funny how such small things can get you in such a festive mood.

MizFit said...

how was the weekend?

the halloween??

all that...

did you cram it all in? :)