Thursday, October 30, 2008

oh yeah

is there some holiday coming up, oh I don't know, TOMORROW? HALLOWEEN! Or Hallowe'en if you're a stickler for that. I have no plans. I have no costume. And it's on a FRIDAY. Ridiculous. How old am I? Must be 57. EVERYBODY has plans for a friday night halloween. Nope not me.

What am I going to do? Probably just watch tv and hand out candy. Try to contain my dog.

Until about 10 minutes ago I didn't have any halloween candy. Oops. (blaming TOM chocolate craving, and it was a serious one, it wasn't right in front of me either, I went and bought it) Oh well, this happens sometimes. I had a really good workout and am planning another good one tonight. chocolate happens. I put it away.

Anyway, yes, had a good workout last night. Instructor has been remembering my name lately. And I should mention that I don't know anyone else in the class. There are people I've been taking it with for like 2 years and they've all got friends they visit with pre-class. Not me. Anybody want to come to Saskatchewan and take an exercise class Mondays and Wednesdays with me? ;) Anyway, so first she commented that I look good with dark hair. Then she called me out during some kicks and gave me an advanced move to try. As in "Randi, challenge, don't put your foot down in between!" And I'm like in the front row, so everyone gets to watch me try and keep my balance and fail (though she was right it was a much harder workout!)

Anyway, eating still isn't great. Appetite is blowing my whole planned eating. I have to plan bigger meals, at least this week. (soup and sandwich weren't enough last night, added some toast, damn I love toast). Salad and carrots weren't enough for lunch, had to add an oatmeal bar.

tonight I'm going to eat a tuna wrap. I'm also going to thaw a ton of berries and put splenda on them. Hopefully I can distract myself from eating dessert until Grey's is on and then I wont' have a nighttime snack (like I must do during Grey's for some reason) and I won't have an extended supper while never satisfying the dessert craving.

ANYWAY, I think I'm going to go buy some fabric and mess around with those bags tonight and on the weekend. I don't think I can wait for my friends. I'll still do it with them, but I need some for myself first. ;) We'll see how it goes. If I'm awesome I'll document it with pictures and put a tutorial up. we'll see.


Tiffa said...

Yeah... the only reason I have a Halloween costume is because I work with kids! LOL.

I go to a workout class on Mon and Wed nights as well... how about you move on over to AB and join me and my friend! Seriously, if I was going by myself, I'm sure I would skip it. So you've got better motivation than I do!

Tanya said...

I MUST eat on Thursday night too. At this time of year I buy a pomegranate every week to eat on Thursday. I just looked it up and it says that they're 105 calories... not bad for something that takes me the whole night to consume.

GroundedFitness said...

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Kelly Turner