Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just what is wrong with me?

I'm acting like I don't care anymore. Seriously. I ate a giant piece of chocolate cake yesterday, AND hubby's icing. On a tuesday. I barely even feel guilty about it. Very unlike me. I'm eating great during the day, supper comes, and I just over do it. I think I should start breaking supper in 2. Have a night time snack a few hours later. Might help.

At the same time, there's not a ton of time left here until this wedding! (thankfully dress still fits same as on the weekend). Tonight I've got kickboxing. Tomorrow contemplating shopping with my sister. Then it's the weekend already and it's Thanksgiving long weekend, we're going home. I'm seeing myself baking buns with my mom and then doing the whole turkey thing Sunday. Coming home monday. Then next wednesday is kickboxing again, then thursday night we're probably going home already! That leaves me like tuesday as my only "normal" day.

So basically I'm really busy and the weather is not cooperating to get any outside runs in. Luckily my mom and dad have a treadmill and a bunch of weights so I should be able to get a good workout in at home. (pop some tv on and at least walk for a whole movie!)

The eating at home sometimes gets tricky. I think I'm going to bring home a veggie tray, that way at least when I'm munching it will be healthy. Also thinking of making a dessert (pumpkin layer cake for those who just got the kraft what's cooking email!) since I don't like pumpkin I won't like dessert! Mom's a pretty low key turkey maker too. Not tons of salads and stuff, cooked peas, mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing. AND I don't like stuffing. So usually I go nuts on the potatoes, but I think I can manage restraining myself on just that. I mostly love the leftover turkey buns. mmmm turkey. The thing that gets me is the snacking at home, cookies, chips, little appetizer things. I think as long as I make most of these things I can be in control of the health and appeal of them. Plus we'll be doing lots of visiting on Sunday talking about everyone's trips. And if I can get some running/walking in and hopefully that metabolic interval bodyweight stuff once. Try and get home early enough Monday to get back to normal as opposed to the leftover holiday hangover feeling.

Today, in preparation for my class tonight, and how I hate going feeling full, we're only having sandwiches for supper. I bought some sprouted grain bread, some turkey breast slices, mustard, lettuce, tomato. mmm.

TOM shows up today, so hopefully these weird food habits go away. And a few lbs.


Carolyn said...

That is really weird for you. Not like you at all, especially during the week. Might have just been a small glitch. I'm sure you'll get it under control.

Thanksgiving is just so hard isn't it? Your lucky that your not a pumpkin fan (although, how could you not be?!?!) I just got the Kraft e-mail and the 4 layer cake looks amazing!!

You've got a lot going on until the wedding so I think periodic dress fitings might be a good idea to keep you in check. Trying it on, especially after the long weekend might keep your focus.

Angie All The Way said...

Okay you're the THIRD blog in a row I just clicked on who confessed to having either chocolate cake or some other kind of cakey pie.

Lord help me.

Carolyn's got a good suggestion about the dress fit-check in - might help!

Carolyn said...

2 older brothers. 28 & 38. It's not them that I have to worry about, it's their wives who feed us so well. They are both great cooks.

Scott and I usually just walk with Mags. When I take her by myself, I'll throw in some jogging but 98% of the time, Scott is with me and we just walk around the neighborhood and talk about our days etc. It's fast walking and we usually go about 4-5K. Does your hubs walk Daisy with you? I find if we walk her for more than 40 mins, then throw her king around the back yard for 10 mins or so, she's done when she comes inside. Head down, konked out.
What kind of dog is Daisy?

eurydice said...

maybe it's just sabotage because you are so close to fitting into the dress?

maybe you should hang up the dress in your kitchen to remind yourself of your goals after dinner.

Bi0nicw0man said...

hmmm...I think I'm missing out on a Kraft subscription (**goes off to sign up!)

Angie's right. What's with all you people and mid-week pies and cakes?! Snap out of it. haha.

Can you suggest to your Mom that you might like to make a tossed salad or include some steamed veggies in your turkey traditions? I started that at Christmas a few years ago with our Christmas Eve treats...incorporated a veggie tray so there would be at least ONE healthy option, and funny enough I barely got any because everyone was all over it. Now, a couple of years later I've managed to pare down the fatty stuff and get more veggies and shrimp on the table.

Vanessa said...

The veggie tray is a good ides. Next time you're reaching for the cake, put the damn dress on!