Thursday, October 9, 2008

doped up

It's sort of ridiculous trying to do work right now - and I'm doing mindless stuff! I had a Dayquil pill - just 1 and my brain is all fuzzy. I can hardly concentrate, all I can really do is just stare at something. Next thing I know, 10 minutes have passed and I can't remember what file I was trying to open or whatever. Working on the hydrating too and feel much better, just dopey.

Turns out I am going to go shopping with my sis after work. Maybe buy some new heels to wear with my dress. Maybe some cute work tops (not just t-shirts and bunny hugs) with my sister's new fashion sense.

Also, today's big winner is Angie for totally calling me out on my excuse. Eating more but it's ok cause it's fruit. I even gave you guys that quote at the beginning of the BLBE! She called me on it and that's awesome - because it was done at an opportune moment too, I was about to munch on the rest of my lunch - food that's supposed to last me until supper, at 12:30, then probably be starved in the mall and get something I shouldn't. That's what this is about this time right people? NOT just saying "oh that's ok, you'll do it next week". NOT letting us get away with anything!


Vanessa said...

Boo, hope you're feeling better soon!

Have fun shopping - lucky girl :).

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

I'm so glad that you're such a good sport about it! Some people I think are resenting the reminders! It's all about the goals we want to acheive for ourselves. I honestly and truly had enough of the prolonging of this process and I just want it over and the only way is to give it the gusto. Although I know this week i could have been better, so that's just what I'll do!