Tuesday, October 14, 2008

oh yeah!

I lost weight over thanksgiving! yay! I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 136.6 (or .4 I can't remember), so that's down from friday! yay! And the weekend wasn't perfect, but I did do a lot right.

My turkey supper was no bigger than any other supper (well bigger than at home, a chicken breast and broccoli, but no bigger than anything at my parents or in-laws). I had a small scoop of potatoes and gravy. a decent amount of turkey (small chicken breast size) with canned cranberry sauce. 1/3 of a plate full of salad and half a bun with butter. (I helped make the buns, they are SOOO good). That's all! and it was super delicious and I was full afterwards. I did want SOMETHING for dessert but everything we had was pumpkin, (my cake turned out great!) plus everyone was teasing me about fitting in to my dress (I started it though) so I just waited it out and felt fine. Brunch that day was pancakes and eggs. We also had some spinach dip and veggies and dip and suprise spread but I really didn't pig out like I usually do. I did eat some of everything which wasn't great I guess but stopped after a few bites of each. The night before we had steak for supper and driving out there I had a happy meal for lunch. (not too terrible calories in a happy meal). Supper once we got back was fish fried in butter, so again not perfect but fish is still good.

It was nice to just not care about food too much. I ate what I wanted to and stopped when I felt like it. It wasn't all finish your plate and eat it because today is the only day you're allowed to, or jam it in your mouth before your mind catches up to what you're doing. It was very nice.

I didn't get the workouts I wanted to in. I went for a walk with my mom and then when we got home I did my metabolic bodyweight intervals. That's all. Tonight I'm going to try and run if it's not too cold and wet, or else more intervals in the house. Tomorrow night is class and hubby is probably catching a ride home already. Then thursday after work I might be going home already. I don't have to be home for anything thursday night, just friday around noon, so I may hang out by myself and get a workout in, and go for a wax and stuff. We'll see how much I get done before hand.

Oh I should also mention that my dress fits. I can sit. It's still tight. I have some spanx that I don't like much because it does suck me all in everywhere, it also just sort of redistributes everything so instead of just a little pot belly, I'm just a little thicker everywhere. Takes away any waist I have completely. I'm thinking of getting just the girdle shaped one (not panties, just tummy). We'll see. I feel retarded shopping for that.

I also need a little coat thing, I'm contemplating just a black scarf (from my sister's trip to Europe perhaps?) to tuck around my shoulders for in church (my dress feels very un-chuchy). I was thinking of hitting the mall to look for a cheap bolero or something. But I think I'm probably too cheap.

Food today was cereal for breakfast, yogurts and fruit and garden carrots from mom for snacks, and turkey bun for lunch. A bit carb heavy but tomorrow I'll be back to leftovers and soup etc.

Time to check up on all your weekends!


tash said...

Winners is the cheapest place to buy Spanx (in my experience).

That is so fabulous that your rocked Thanksgiving weekend!

Christy said...

Way to go for losing weight over a holiday!

And I totally agree with keeping portion sizes under control over the holidays, I always use it as a reason or excuse to overeat.

Can't wait to see pictures of you looking smoking in your dress!

Sara said...

wow good for you for doing so amazing this weekend! And the scale rewarded you to boot!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm super happy for you that you're down on the scale and fitting better in the dress :-) Sounds like a successful long weekend!

RYC: There was a hostile take over of my environment that's not "normal" in the sense of regular "life happens" events in that sense. I agree, there will always be houseguests, or parties or holidays etc. This is on a completely different plane as this woman. She got all upset and confronted me because I used the word "her" and "she" when referring to her rather than call her "Scott's Mom" while I was in fact talking to Scott! She's frikkin nuts! Lord Help ME!

2 more weeks.

Sagan said...

I adore scarves. Congrats about the weight loss! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cara said...

now that is freaking amazing!!