Thursday, October 23, 2008

still tired

I am still tired, I am not going to bed early enough. I need to go to bed at like 8 or 9 tonight. I can just tape Grey's Anatomy.

Yesterday I did not go to class. I talked on the phone with my sister for 2 hours trying to figure out where she should have her wedding (our hometown, his hometown, or the city where they live now, all dealing with capacity of the hall, capacity of hotels, and costs) We came up with no solutions. But it was still fun wedding talk. I'm trying not to assume it but I'm pretty sure I'm a bridesmaid. But she hasn't said anything about it. We were talking about the groomsmen and how he wants one more than she has bridesmaids and she doesn't know who else she would pick to even it up. I'm sure she'd be able to think of me in that case so that makes me think I must be in already. but for some reason she didn't actually say that so I'm not going to say it either. Maybe she wants to ask in a special way or something. I'm trying not to barge in and say I'll do this and I'll do that (like sew a veil, make a slideshow etc) because it would be hard to say no to me I think and what if it's not what she wants. But I also think she might not want to ask because she'll think it's too much work. She's planning the wedding for next August so there will be plenty of time for everything to get worked out of course.

I am calling it a week today. Officially since last thursday I did no exercise and began my poor eating so this thursday I will end it. I had a few great days with chocolate bars and birthday cake and cheesecake and perogies with sour cream. But I was back in my closet and I remembered that my skinny jeans are still a little snug and it's almost time to dig out my winter coat and my dressy one doesn't fit over certain clothes yet. I guess we'll see tomorrow what kind of damage I did, but I don't think it will be a lot.

I was freaking out about money the other day. We sat down and did our budget and realized that with our bills and our $500 a month each of "fun" money, we were coming out in the red. Not to mention that hubby's fun money he spent in the last 2 months was not $1000, but in fact $3000. I was pissed at that. Especially because he really has nothing to show for it but a handfull of t-shirts and video games. For $3000 we could have gone on a holiday. So he thinks he'll make it up by replacing it with his Christmas bonus when he gets it. Well sure, fair enough. But I think he should be cut down to like $200 a month fun money, but he says that's impossible for him (his hockey and alcohol have to come out of this money. but I still have no idea how he spends so much). Instead we're both cutting down to $400 a month (why do I have to pay for his mistake?). Whatever. Then this morning I was wondering how when we both make so much money we're basically living paycheck to paycheck (we have RRSPs and insurance and all this other stuff built in so it's not really paycheck to paycheck). Then I remembered that I'm getting an extra $300 a month taken off my checks for taxes. So that works out to like 10% of my salary. So when that all comes back in the spring, I can put it into savings and top up my RRSP and all these things I want to do but can't find the money for now. PLUS we can maybe afford a small holiday, or to put in central air or buy the plasma tv hubby wants. phew, good thing I sneak money away like that! (not sure if hubby knows I'm getting the extra $300 a month taken off)

So with being on the phone so long yesterday I didn't really do any of the stuff I was goign to do around the house. I did dishes, hubby took out the garbage. But I still have tons of laundry to put away, my bag to unpack from the weekend. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I think tonight I'm planting my bulbs and maybe running with Daisy since it's supposed to be decent weather. No plans for supper, we've still got lots of salads and stuff leftover from the wedding.


Jen said...

I don't want to say that I am CERTAIN your sister will have you as a bridesmaid...but I WILL think it...I just won't say it out loud!!

I hate the "budget" talks...but honestly, they need to be done!!! I don't even know how Danny and I were surviving before...we were living WAY beyond our means...and honestly, we didn't have anything to show for it we have a mortgage that's almost double but beacause we got rid of the bills and credit card debt it really turned things we are looking at bigger investments and stuff...
That's good that he is going to replace the extra money though...I am the same way (I tend to go over) and I have to take that money from my savings account to cover it...we have limits for a reason right??

Angie All The Way said...

I made the mistake of taking it for granted that I had already asked Tasha to be a bridesmaid. Here I was going on and on about it and I had never even asked her! She'll tell you. I was so mortified when I realized what I did - I felt horrible because she spent all that time wondering and thinking the same thing! I bet she's taking it for granted, especially since she thinks she could be "short" one and the fact that she's discussing all of the details with you - that's what BM's do!

tash said...

I laughed at Angie's comments because I had no idea I was suppose to be a bridesmaid. Ang would send me pictures of the bridesmaid dress she picked and ask what I thought and the whole time I had no idea I was even in the wedding. Pretty funny!

BTW - You looked fabulous in the dress. And I love your hair!

MizFit said...

money stress up in herrre as well (resulting in MORE MIZ GIVEAWAYS :) always makes me feel better and also makes me not sleep).

Im trying to focus on big picture.

Miz, who was once a bride and never a b'maid...yet.

Vanessa said...

Hope you got some sleep last night!

I love wedding talk! I'm sure your sister will want you to be a bridesmaid. Who wouldn't?

Sagan said...

One way to go about offering help with your sister is to make a point of saying "if you need help with such-and-such I'd be happy to do it"- somehow using the word "if" and that kind of thing lessens the pressure. And when it comes to my sister, I make a point of actually coming out and saying "no pressure at all and I won't be offended if you say no but I just want you to know that this is an option". So maybe that could work!

Adora said...

do they pay you interest on that extra tax money you're putting away? not sure how it works in canada, but here we're better off not paying extra and putting that money into an interest earning account instead of waiting for a refund.

you should just ask her about the bridesmaid just to save yourself the worry.