Wednesday, October 1, 2008

YES Angie!

Thanks honey! I needed a bit of the tough love thing. (but you are sooo sweet while you do it. I can learn so much...) Duh I should weigh my chicken to figure it out. Haven't been doing that. And I didn't put those gummy candies in my tracker (they're 100 calories for 7. When I just eat 2 I think well it's like nothing anyway. But then I eat 2 at a time about 6 times, we're at 200 calories!)

I am getting frustrated with myself lately, not seeing changes as quickly as I'd like them. I really think I've gotta get shake things up a bit. Looking at food this closely just makes me want to rebel somehow. For example, last night I had a cheese slice on my hamburger. Now normally I wouldn't do this, (not worth it too me, too processed). I also had it on a bun, again, I'm not a big fan of burgers so I usually pretend it's like a round individual meatloaf and just have it with mustard. But because I had tracked and saw that I was way low on calories, I decided to top it up. Whereas another time, I was STARVING, but didn't eat an afternoon snack because it was already a higher carb day, thus leading me to overeat at supper. But I know I'm not really calculating everything properly anyway (as I said, I haven't weighed my meat, I didn't count my squirts with the Becel spray, I'm not counting my Crystal light calories, yes there are some in there, drink 5 of them a day and you're at 50 calories right?). I think I need to A) count these things better. and B) realize that not every day will be a perfect day. Assuming light activity (which based on a desk job, even with my exercise, is a good bet), I need 1960 calories to maintain. So basically anything under that is a deficit. Some days I've discovered I'm going to be eating 1700, other days 1200. This is all ok. Heck, some days might be 2000! I need to look at this in the bigger picture thing, like say weekly or something. At the same time, I also want to zoom in a bit more and stop eating half of my calories at supper. Spread things out a bit more.

ALSO, I really need to pick up my strength training. I was reinspired after reading this article by Rachel Cosgrove about how she got FATTER training for an Ironman, and then got her 6 pack back by doing NO running or biking etc. It's great for me because in one of her articles she gives a workout that can be done in place of sprint intervals for the same sort of effect. Definately handy now that it's dark so early.

Anyway, thank you Angie for that little kick in the pants, I'm all fired up now (and want to ditch work and go workout, not happening...).


Carolyn said...

Your motivation is always so contagious! Wow! I'm glad that you are taking a closer look at what yuo are eating and measuring, even if it can be very annoying, is the best way to control your portions.

Kick some ass Randi!

Angie All The Way said...

hahaha...there's the spitfire Randi I know and love :-)

No one is ever going to be "perfect" with the counting and measuring, but if you're diligent about it, it evens out and works. This is why the points system works (and I'm not trying to convert you at all, just for example). Points roughly work out to be about 50 cals each, but more fat will up the points and more fibre downs the points (to a limit). So something 35 cals could equal a point, but so could something 100 cals (depending on fat and fibre), so even though your total calories may vary, it all evens out. i.e. a little more here, a little less there etc. So if you continue getting better at the measuring, even though it might not be perfect, it still will stand its purpose.

And yes, 200 cals of gummies does make a difference in the run of a day lol As long as you're being honest with yourself (and your journal) about it, at least you are able to see why you did or didn't lose weight. It's all science and we can't rationalize cold hard science, right?