Monday, August 25, 2008

I am back!

Hello sports fans! I am back to the land of the working with no plans to be leaving again any time soon. (except for the long weekend this weekend!) My holidays were nice, relaxing. But it's nice to be back, into a routine and back to normal.

A brief recap? sure:

Well I told you about getting back from up north. Then had thursday night to do laundry and then friday took the day off. Packed and went home to visit my folks. They're going to the east coast for all of September so wanted to see them before that. Then that night went with hubby's parents to a lake for the weekend. It was ok. I did no swimming and no running (though I was all set, but somebody wanted to come with so we just walked). It was a lot of sitting and doing nothing really. oh well. relaxing.

Then we came home sunday and packed for our holidays. Left early monday. First stop was 3 hours later for lunch (where the debauchery began) it was a holiday and we ate at tim hortons, so I got my boston cream donut and 2 cookies and timbits for the road. Second stop, Drumheller, this big dinosaur museum (they found a lot of bones around there). It was 39 degrees out, way way too hot. especially with a dog you have to leave in the car while you're in the buildings. I felt so bad. But she didn't complain. (we hosed her down and left windows open and parked in the shade.) Then we had supper there, at boston pizza, I had a salad, I was craving veggies already.

Drive to Calgary. Stayed in this bed and breakfast that allowed pets. it was very bed and breakfast. there was nothing in the place that didn't have flowers on it or a ruffle. oh well. it was just a bed for like 8 hours.

that day was the Calgary zoo. Pretty fun all day. weather was good, not too hot, not too cold. Daisy was in puppy daycare having a blast (she better have for $30!). The best were the hippos probably. very cool, plus nice and close. Then we hit up a grocery store and headed off for the mountains. by the time we got there is was clouding up, so we set the tent up quick, cooked some hot dogs on the fire and basically called it a night.

We spent wednesday touring the town of Banff a little bit, going in expensive souvineer shops. I didn't want to but hubby did I guess. Then back to the tent for lunch. Then hubby napped, and I read a magazine and split firewood. That was pretty much the whole day. it was rainy again.

thursday was the day I liked, we went on a hike to some water falls (about a 2 hour hike?). Hubby was tired but didn't complain much because he knew it was important to me. Made me glad that i'm in pretty good shape, because yeah, we basically climbed a mountain, I was out of breath, but I didn't really need a break ever. Again it was raining on us.

Then we drove to lake louise in the rain, saw a deer. no elk or bears or anything exciting. Took the obligatory picture in front of the lake. then drove back to the tent. Because it was only 5:00 but raining so much we couldn't have a fire and would basically be stuck in the tent for the night, and then were leaving in the morning, we saved ourselves $50 and went back to Calgary (after I had a little cry about it. I really wanted this trip to be fun since hubby didn't really want to go and I went on and on about how he'd like banff and we'd see wildlife and have campfires and everything and none of that really happened. But he still said it was fun and worth coming.) We stayed at friend's of ours for the night and then went to a mall for a few hours before coming home.

On the way home we did see wildlife, we saw a big herd of like 20 antelope when we turned on this gravel road to pee. that was pretty cool. Hubby was so sweet, he said that he was praying that we'd see wildlife the night before because it was so important to me. (when really I didn't care about it, I just though it would make hubby like the trip more, so it was really sweet on both our parts).

So we came home on friday and still had the whole weekend to unpack and clean the house and get ready for work again. Which was great. My thesis edits are like an hour away from being done (but I'm sorta busy at work today so might be tonight). the house is clean, laundry done. grass mowed. olympics watched (I was away for like the whole olympics huh? I loved the olympics and watched as much as I could. cried every time too)

So now the next few weeks are still busy unfortunately. I've got a ton to do for SILs wedding in October. Like sew a bridesmaid/flower girl dress for my niece, sew the bride's veil, make the wedding slideshow, lose 10 lbs, buy a dress for myself, buy shower presents, go to shower. eek! Plus I've got the MS bike tour one weekend in september. PLUS we're trying to put sod down this fall so I need a weekend for that.

Oh yeah, the lose 10 lbs thing? Well that would have been 5 lbs on August 1st. But the scale showed me 140.8 this morning. that's up a good 5 lbs from before I left. Ew. However I've already accepted it, I knew I wasn't eating well or exercising or anything. So I've already taken steps to correct it. Last night I did a new strength routine, then this morning I already went for my interval run. Plus tonight I'm going to bike for half an hour. Eating is going to be ON.

We went in to see my sister on the weekend and all hubby's pants that fit were in the wash, he was wearing pants he used to wear like last summer but they were too tight. So he said that he was serious and that he wanted to do something about it. (however he's said that before too...). But we agreed we were going to do a program and plan until SILs wedding in mid October. Meaning we could call each other on eating bad food or being lazy and not working out. I'm so pumped. It's so much easier to be good when you're teaching somebody else. So I packed his lunch today with snacks and explained fibre and protein are our friends, as is eating every few hours. (he normally doesn't eat breakfast, and doesn't usually eat at his coffee breaks, so this should help his metabolism). Plus I spent $100 on produce so we've got good food for the next week.

I'm hoping that these recently gained 5 lbs come off nice and steady (should right? put then on in 3 weeks, take them off in 3 weeks?) but that once I'm in the loss groove, the scale might keep dropping huh? Especially since I'm pumped about "training" again, for the bike ride. And I'm excited to get back to the gym. Plus I've got my garmin back so I can do my intervals and check my heart rate and stuff. I'm set.

I had 600 some unread posts in my google reader, so I will not be catching up with all of you. However, I am back and should be able to keep on top of your new posts like usual! So fill me in! how are you all doing!?!


Sara said...

welcome home!! You were definitely missed around here!!

Glad to hear you had a good (if rainy) trip! So exciting to go camping and hiking in Banff!

You will have no problem getting that weight off and hopefully the hubby sticks to it too!

Jen said...

Sounds like your vacation was pretty good! Aside from all the rain!! ICK!

ANYWAY! I MISSED YOU!!!!! It was all crazy dead and quiet without you here...not fun!!!

I love how lose 10 lbs is on your to do won't take long to take off the vacation weight!!!

Oh, and you don't have enough space on here for me to fill you in on my yeah, short form: trip to MB coming up on weekend, new house next week and new kitten coming soon!

Anonymous said...

omg i am so happy you are back. i didn't know you were on vacay last week too so i thought you were gone for good, no more posts. that was so funny that you added lose 10 pounds on your list of to dos. put it on quick, you can get it off quick.

MizFit said...

welcome HOME.
I missed your cheery newsy chatty posts (and if it were me I think Id give up and delete all the unread blog posts and just start again :))