Friday, November 21, 2008

0.2 lb loss?!?! I'll take it!

So remember when I said anything less than 140.0 would be a good day? Well I weighed 139.8 this morning. Cutting it pretty close, but it's still a good day right? If I only lose 0.2 lbs per week, by my sister's wedding...well it's only 6 lbs in 6 months. So I better step it up right? ;)

Today's a good start already. I had just 2 pb and honey toasts (friday I feel like honey's ok, usually it's homemade sugar free jam, I guess if I were being strict I'd toss the honey for awhile). Snack was 2 cranberry muffins. (there will be a lot of muffins in the next couple days, my cranberry muffins are delicious and healthy, but they mold really quickly. So moist?). Lunch is gonna be a salad with my homemade dressing AND leftover pulled pork. I like having 2 lunch meals. The salad with no protein or nuts or anything isn't enough for a meal. So it's just like I'm taking apart a chef salad or something. Plus I don't need as much "dessert" things after. Just an orange or some berries or something (instead of both + more). I've also got yogurt and a hard boiled egg and more oranges and an apple. I'm hoping that the office slacks off a bit this afternoon and has beers (good english...) in the conference room (I just have a pop, I don't like beer anyway). It distracts my for the last 45 minutes of work, plus I usually don't eat my full afternoon snack (and don't miss it).

Speaking of miss it. Yesterday I, for some reason, was munchy like crazy!!! I ate all my food AND a day old donut (i know i know) by 1:30. Leaving me nothing for the afternoon. I managed fine, I left work early! haha! I did leave early to meet my sis and mom to dress shop (AGAIN). I got lost and really really frustrated.

NOTE: if you have a pay as you go phone - keep some G*# (#&$(! minutes on it!!! and if you have a cell phone period - keep the ***#*@ $*$&ing thing charged! Mom's phone was dead and sis's was out of minutes so I could only text her and she could text back. Well I'm driving back and forth up and down this huge street (across the whole city and back) looking for this place and when I say I'm lost, they're like "go south". South from where? I say where is it? Avenue? They say near the DQ. Well that doesn't help me figure out which way I have to go does it? Where's the DQ? I was furious with them. Especially because I'm texting while driving which is not good. and I don't even know if I'm going the right way. boo them!

ANYWAY, we went to my house for supper (souvlaki, salad, buns, veggies, yum yum.) Then to this place where the lady orders and sells (and sews) dresses out of her house. My sister found her dress! It's super pretty. PLUS, it probably would have cost $800 or $900 in a store, but the lady charged $450! The mark-ups are ridiculous! Granted they have to pay staff and for the buildings etc. But double? too much. I sort of felt like this lady was getting them off the black market or something though. She said she's going to call her guy and see if they can make the dress (in China) for her in Ivory instead of white (not really an option in the catologue but she thinks her guy will do it.). sort of sketchy. But she doesn't pay until she picks it up.

Her dress has sweetheart neckline (something she knew she wanted) and is fitted to the waist, then it poofs out a bit with random pick-ups (the things that make it look like whipped cream). Mom hated those things, but it got worked out because the seller/seamstress said that you can move them to lower on the dress and have fewer of them or whatever. Sis loved it because it had lace (on the bodice) and the sweetheart neckline. The dress before it was almost the winner, but you could see the seams which she hated (dress didn't have enough lining and nothing on the top, just smooth satin), but the neck was perfect and it was simple like she wanted. but when we (bridesmaid, me and mom) started picking it apart a bit, and she realized she didn't like the seams showing, it sort of broke her heart and her face was turning red and tears were welling up when she changed out of it. I felt so bad. I remember crying when I bought my dress. The dress I sort of really loved I got talked out of and it just hurt a bit. It was the first moments of realizing that "my big day" really wasn't all about me no matter what they say.

But I think she's really happy and likes her dress and didn't just settle.

Anyway, weekend today! woohoo! plans? Not much. house cleaning. INCLUDING shampoo the carpet. yay! Plus hubby's having his hockey team over after their game on saturday so I'm playing perfect wife and making appetizers and stuff. Other than that, not much. hope to get a workout in. watch some tv and movies maybe. scrapbook? More cooking and baking. Hubby's hunting for half the week next week and I'd like to send him with some goodies. (man I AM the perfect wife huh?) I think I should also start thinking Christmas shopping and at least plan what I'm getting everyone. how 'bout you?


tash said...

I went dress shopping with my MIL - which was great. But when it came time for me to actually go dress shopping, not just looking, I went by myself. I knew what I wanted and didn't want to have other people's opinions. I came home with a perfect dress for me. And it was way less stressful!

Jen said...

*laughs* you ARE the perfect wife!!!

I have horrible memories of me putting on my gown (which I picked out on my own) and my mom telling me that it just showcased my rolls...and my MIL looking disapprovingly at it...that kind of ruined my day for me...

I would be super frustrated trying to find that place!!! my mom sent me on a wild goose chase yesterday and I was LESS than impressed!!!

Angie All The Way said...

hehehe I'm still laughing about your "bad english" comment lol You are too funny!

You are really good at describing stuff! I feel like I could actually see the dresses you were talking about!

Angie All The Way said...

Oh and congrats on back to 130's!!