Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (is that right?)

That's right. I worked out to pain last night. I literally hurt typing. It's so fricken awesome.

Had weight class yesterday. It's been cancelled for the past 2 weeks (thank goodness I didn't pay for this one, shh...). But the instructor has been teaching more classes in other gyms and stuff so she wasn't out of shape for it. We were, well I was. The squats KILLED me. And we do them first. We had no breaks for a full track (3-4 minutes). I had to go weightless (I hate that) but I was still definately working. I almost couldn't get up! My legs were jello after. Then a couple tracks later we were doing deadlifts and that doesn't even really work your quads, but mine were burning and shaking the whole time. Really cool. Then when I got home, I went to change laundry and almost fell down the stairs to the basement (would have been NOT cool). But I did feel really funny walking. Sort of like Bambi on ice, no control.

So that explains why my legs are sore, but my freaking forearms? We did bicept curls with our hands facing down not up, good for the forearms.

And yay for having a massage today huh?

My eats weren't the hottest yesterday. Not bad but too much food. I didn't plan anything for supper so I made tomato soup and had peanut butter toast with it. So not bad, but didn't feel done so I munched on dinosours afterwards. Probably only 7 or so, but they left me feeling way full and tummy stretched (yay! Let's go put on my spandex workout clothes now!).

I did forget to mention yesterday that my monday weight was exactly the same as my friday weight. So even with eating some cookies and throwing the party and snacking on a couple chips I didn't gain. So as long as I can get back on the good eating train I should be set for a nice loss this week!

hmm, what else? I'm wearing my new size 6 pants today and they fit great. That's fun. Hubby and I went to bed at the same time, and Daisy decided to sleep with us too. I was reading and the two of them fell asleep, Daisy wedged between us with her head on hubby's chest. It was adorable. Until I tried to pull the blankets up and had to move my 40 lb dog first. She is such a bed hog. I really shouldn't be letting her sleep with us. But she's so cute.


Vanessa said...

I let Marty sleep with us :P he's just too cute!

Carolyn said...

Maggie sleeps with us too. In basically the exact same position...snuggled right in between us. It's so cute and cuddly but at 2:00am when you're cold and you can't pull the blanket over you, it's CRAZY annoying!

YAY on the size 6 pants! That rocks!

We woke up to about 10 inches of snow on Saturday so we have lots, I'll send some right on over! :)

Sara said...

ya for the pants and yay for a kick ass workout!!!

Tiffa said...

Sounds like an awesome workout. I find after a good workout my muscles usually feel it about 24 hours or so after. Like tonight my traps, deltoids and triceps are hurting from my Monday morning workout. Sometimes I think How did I get so sore? Oh yeah, that workout yesterday. LOL.

My dog (who lives with my Mom now) is the same way. I remember one night, he was sleeping with his head on the pillow (70 lb husky in a single bed) and I was curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed... something wrong with this picture? haha.

Cara said...

i think I had the same reaction to my workout yesterday. I am dying in pain right now. hahah

Colette said...

Damn girl your kicking ass and taking names huh? Way to go on the workout!!
And about those size 6 pants...WAY to GO!!! I am jealious...LOL
You look great!! Have a great week.