Friday, November 14, 2008

oh did I mention

Hey did I mention that i'm a super cool grown-up business lady now and have a work cell phone? Paid for by work? Not really sure why. Probably it's just cheap for them to add me on, and it was a free cell promotion. But it's way cool and I'm super excited about it. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the plan I'm on, I don't think they expect me to use it for only business since my boss said I could get rid of my personal cell now and save some money. But I don't want to rack up all these texting charges and stuff either. I should just be able to go into Telus and give them my phone number and they'll be able to let me know right?

Anyway, my new cell number is 306-71 - haha, just kidding!

I'm way excited, it's not as hip as my other new cell phone (which flipped 2 different ways and had a QWERTY keyboard for texting:

But it came with a car charger, micor SD card AND a full size SD card AND an SD card reader to plug into computers. Plus a headset and earphones. I'm way excited, it's the lg chocolate flip:(shitty picture) And yeah, I only got black:

Anyway, way excited, probably spend the rest of the day reading my user guide and downloading things to put on my new cell. (plus because it's a different provider than my personal phone, I don't have any helpful tech guy to transfer all my contacts so I'm doing that one at a time. Unless anybody out there knows a trick?)

Oh, also, anybody know anything about breaking a 3 year contract with a cell provider? I think I should just have to pay an early termination fee, I'm guessing $100? (totally worth it in my case as I JUST signed this contract like a month ago.)


Anonymous said...

not sure who your provider is, but here in the maritimes, with Aliant (now Bell) you have to pay something like 20$ per month for the number of months remaining on your contract to get out of it. not sure if it maxes out at anything though. Call 'em.

SeaBreeze said...

Ya, I think its $20 per month for the remaining months. Did you see if you could transfer your new phone number and plan to your old phone? This only works if they are with the same provider.

Also, your boss should be able to tell you what business plan you're on. The provider won't unless you're listed on the account.

Tiffa said...

It's usually $20/month until the contract is done... which is a lot.

Maybe you can find someone who's looking to buy a cell to take over your contract?

Tiffa said...

That's the deal with Telus anyways...

Angie All The Way said...

Cool phone!

Any chance Telus has a grace period?

If you can't get out of it, use your SIM card in your new phone - depends on what phone number you want to use I suppose.

Jen said...

That's awesome that you got a work phone!!!

Yeah, it can be really expensive to quite your current contract!!!

eurydice said...

ooooh i love that phone, you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

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