Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Anybody else completely sick of coming up with titles for their posts? I think I give up.

My other favorite food that I feel like I just discovered? Christmas oranges! I've been packing back 2 a day (well starting this week) and love it. I love that they take a little while to eat, are cheap, are healthy, easy to pack. etc etc. Oranges and eggs x2/day. (that looks like a math equation, I guess it is! yay math!)

So I did go to the gym yesterday. It wasn't all I was hoping for, but I guess I've got to ease myself into it. First I forgot to pack a sports bra, so it was regual bra under workout shirt, and strap kept falling down (bright teal). I wore my zip up the whole time too. So I started with a run on the treadmill. And since I also forgot my MP3 player, the 15 minutes dragged on. Oh well. I still managed to run fast and with a decent incline without being too exhausted so I'm glad my running fitness hasn't deteriorated completely.

The gym was crazy busy, and I hate that, because then I have to hover at weight machines or whatever and guys on them always take like 10 minute rests between 9 sets of like 5. I ended up doing some bicept curls, rows, chest flies, and leg presses. Nothing was really sore so I didn't push hard enough.

Then supper was pulled pork buns. They were only alright. I think you have to find a barbeque sauce you can eat spoonfuls of to like that one. I only like a hint of it. Hubby cut up veggies too. Such a sweetie.

Then the rest of the night was wasted downloading tunes and reading magazines. (I can't believe that I got a new Women's Health magazine and I haven't started reading my last months! that NEVER happens!)

Tonight I've got kickboxing. That and a dog walk I think are all I'm up for. I'm very tired lately.


tash said...

Don't eat too many eggs - unlss you only eat the whites.

Jen said...

I LOVE Christmas oranges!!!! those are one of my faves!!!

I HATE having to wait for guys to be finished at the gym...or when they ask to "work in" with you...they are ALWAYS hovering while I finish my set...because I do 3 12's...

That is super sweet of your husband!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Tasha used to be an egg feind! She burn through a dozen in a week easy if I remember correctly (when we were roomates).

I'm trying to think of what kind of oranges you mean by "christmas" oranges. Do you mean the clementines or tangerine kind?

Yeah lately I've had some serious title-block!