Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I caught something.

I think I have eczema. On my FACE. It might be something else too though. It's dry, rough skin. But it's not really red and not itchy, just tight and dry and rough. But exfoliating and moisturizing has no effect at all. I bought some Hydrocortisone cream and it makes it feel SOOO much better. But you can only use it 4 times a day for 7 days. I'm on day 2.5 and it feels nice, for about an hour. Then I want more. And there hasn't really been an improvement (aka not going away). Hubby says it feels like razor burn, but I haven't been shaving. ;)

In case you were wondering why you haven't heard from me in so long, I took Monday off as holiday and tuesday was a holiday. I won't go all into what I did and all that from the weekend etc. But it was pretty eventful, no day just at home cleaning and stuff. I feel like I've eaten out way too much lately. But I'm doing way better on my eating at the same time. Strange. I sort of feel like myself again - food wise that is. Packing appropriate lunches and if I over eat at lunch, have a lighter supper. The exercise thing is not where I want it but i'm working on it.

I did exercise yesterday. Doing a metabolic cardio workout. I tried to do some body weight strength things on the weekend but just wasn't feeling it so I quit after squats and lunges. (but did enough to make my butt sore the next day!)

I did a lot of walking around on Monday. It was a wedding day for my sister. Mom came up and we tried to go to wedding dress stores, but most were closed taking a long weekend. Which was shitty because sis called them to see if they were open before mom came up, and the didn't say anything on their answering machines about it. I was feeling fairly pushy and taking over about things, but I think it's ok. She hasn't official ASKED me to help her with the invitations, but she want to make them (scrapbooky style) but she doesn't scrapbook so I was telling her all the things you can do and how we could use my supplies etc etc. She basically had a bad day and was sad/grumpy on Monday because of the stores being closed. So we figured other things out, like the invites, the favours, the flowers. (all of which I may be doing! EEK! I just can't let her spend $200 on a bouquet when I saw how easy they are to make! I'm SURE I could do it. Same thing with a wedding cake, but I've been told to practice that at Christmas and Birthdays first).

Anyway, this working out stuff. I should be defending my thesis soon. And after I do that, I don't have a gym any more (because I will finally be done school!!!). So I'll either have to go without (which is what i've been doing, haven't been gyming in a long time) or find a new one and pay for it. I would love to go to the same gym as my sister since we used to work out together sometimes, and we could motivate each other. But I also got a flyer about a gym opening up in my town (I live 20 minutes outside the city) soon, which would be so much more convenient. However it said opening soon, so who knows when that is. I'd hate to sign a contract for a gym in the city and then have to wait it out or opt out or something. So what do I do? not workout. I think I'll start going to the university gym some more until I can't anymore. No reason I can't, I just want a change of scenery.


SeaBreeze said...

Can your sister get you a couple of guest passes to check out her gym?

eurydice said...

I wonder what it is. I have eczema on my elbow and having a real prescription is so much better than any over the counter cream!

Jen said...

Seabreeze made a good point there about maybe checking out your sisters gym...I agree with you though, don't sign anything until you know for sure!!!

I hope you get the skin thing figured out!!!

Angie All The Way said...

I had this red patch along the side of my face beside my nose for at least a month leading up to the wedding and nothing would make it go away! It didn't even "feel" dry or itchy, just red. The lady at the Clinique counter gave me a free sample of one of their super moisture stuff (I use the regular 3 step stuff), to dab on it. It did go away eventually, but it stuck around for a WHILE! I'm sure it's the change in the seasons for you right now. It'll go away with time.

Tough call on the gym thing, it's a big decision for which gym to join because you want to get the most out of it and it be most convenient for you. Month to month memberships are so much more expensive too. Tough call because the colder months are the ones you tend to want to do the exercise indoors.

Genevieve said...

See if whatever gym you want to go to, before you commit full time with a year long, or six month or whatever type of membership will let you do a "Punchcard" or Punch Pass type thing, where you basically pay for a bunch of drop in sessions at a reduced rate, cause you are buying like 10 or 15 visits at once. This is cheaper than a membership, as you can eek out a punchpass for a few months, especially if you aren't going more than 2 or 3 times per week. And when the new gym opens, get some free sessions there before you committ if you can....gotta check it out and make sure it 'fits' you. I am a big believer that some gyms will work for you (like a Ladies World for some people) and others won't (like the Mom and Pop operation with dated equipment and big dudes lifting. I prefer the middle ground and thankfully my city has a kick ass gym that fits the bill.
With my experience working in and going to lots of gyms, typically the memberships are economically feasible if you go about 3 to 5 times per week on a regular basis. Figure out the 'per visit' cost if you were to go X number of times per week with the monthly rates and see if it compares well to the punch pass type thing. Good luck!!