Friday, November 14, 2008


So today is a nice relaxed day at work. I have a bunch of mindless (yet urgent) work that's going to take up my whole day for another dude so it's podcasts and green tea and mouse clicking. nice way to end a short week.

Then it's off to Edmonton tomorrow! yay! I'm very excited, gonna check out the Ikea website soon. I can't think of anything, but there must be SOMETHING I need.

I found a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies last night which I baked up as a gift for our preggers hostess (can't exactly do wine now can I). I only ate 1 last night and 2 this morning as a snack. I'm giving half to my friend (probably 2 dozen), and freezing half. I've got 5 cookies left that didn't fit in the containers, so I'll leave those for hubby on the weekend. they're really soft and good cookies, but by no means healthy so I won't share the recipe unless requested.

Oh, and my ham slow cooker recipe, only ok. It looked prettier before it was cooked. The slow cooked cranberries turned sorta grey, plus they were pretty tart with nothing really balancing them out. The ham itself was good. So if the rest was just like a marinate it worked. The recipe was from the cookbook the Big Cook or something like that. It's got tons of recipes for things that you make in advance, (like 8 meals worth), then freeze in ziplock bags and throw in a slow cooker to cook (or barbeque or other things, I just liked the slow cooking). I really recommend the cookbook. Not that the recipes are so great, but just the idea of stocking up on meals is awesome. It actually recommends doing this with a couple friends, making 8 meals of a couple recipes each and then splitting it up. Fills your freezer and you'll eat good for months! (I just do it by my lonesome so far)

Yesterday after work I went shoe shopping with my sister. She bought some black boots, very nice, but $200. She had a gift certificate though so they were half price. Then we hit the mall for a couple hours, mostly just looking since we've got a big shopping trip this weekend. I bought a trail mix pack for $1 and shared that with her, then didn't eat my ham until 8:10! But I only ate my ham and a banana. Plus I didn't feel hungry and munchy like I usually do on thursdays (good tv night). So I call it a success.

No exercise though. Mall walking.

Tonight I've got to pack and get ready. We're only going for 1 night, leaving at 6:30 in the morning to get there at noon. I have a feeling it won't be a very relaxing weekend. At least this was a short work week. I'm planning on blowing a good $200 or $300 on myself. And when I have a hard time buying ANYTHING more than $20, it should mean a lot of loot!


Jen said...

Sounds like you had a fun time last night!!! I love shopping nights!!

That's a great idea pre-making stepmom does that (where she pretty much cooks all winter) and then has her meals all prepared for the's a neat idea in theory!!!

Angie All The Way said...

What a great idea doing a cooking exchange with a few people and then getting a bunch of different frozen prepared meals! Too bad we all don't live in the same city!

Have fun tomorrow and treat yourself!