Thursday, November 6, 2008


So folks,
first I'm disappointed with my Edmonton girls. Wedding dress boutiques! need the info!

Second, I suck. Oh, I've been posting tidbits about how I suck. How I just am not feeling it and so on, but I haven't told you that I basically ate ALL the leftover halloween candy (beside tootsie rolls which I do not enjoy) in a couple days, that I have been eating processed food like I don't know the difference, that I had a nasty office donut the other day with very little remorse, that I just can't stop shoving my face all day! Back to posting what i'm eating:

b - 2 pb toasts with jam, AND oatmeal to go bar
s - yogo bites (really nasty fruit snack things covered in yogurt, basically 100 cal pack of pure candy), kashi cereal (dry)

l - parisan salad - thanks Amy - from Costco. No added protein so I also brought a hard boiled egg. grapes, veggies and dip, cheese string

s - yogurt, orange, apple

supper - not sure. Maybe leftover fish.

Ok, that's the plan. I've been eating every little thing I brought for lunch. and today that would add a small pack of trail mix, another orange, another cheese string, a granola bar. and that's on top of too much food to begin with.

Boo me.

Time to step it up. Seriously. Occassions are coming up. Such as? Bridesmaid dress shopping. Even though she hasn't set the date yet, my sister wants to shop for bridesmaid dresses. While I knew I had lots of time left before the wedding to slim down, if we're dress shopping now, I don't want to have to order a size big. Plus the sample dresses can leave you pretty much naked if they don't fit (falling off or not done up) and I don't need my chub being criticized in dresses.

ALSO, Christmas parties are being planned. Especially at hubby's work one, I try and look nice, don't want to be all self conscious all night.

So I now stick to my food plan!

Other news, for the get together for the baking exchange at my house, we're going to do a Murder Mystery Party! How fun is that? I got a kit a long time ago and never got around to doign it, mostly because I thought the guys would ruin it. But this is girls only!

I also have to tell you about the awesome thing that happened at class last night. I was bundled up and walking away from the school when this girl catchs up to me and says "Randine right?"
"no Randi."
"oh, hi I'm Robin [sweet I remembered her name! i suck at this!] I just had to tell you that my goal in class is to get my knees as high as yours when we're jogging"

AWESOME!!! We do this jog in place thing in one of the tracks and then high knees etc. I always find that time as a little break, just because I think the kickboxing is harder than going for a run. (i think your body adapts to running easier than kickboxing, more repetative movements right?) Anyway, I guess that might be just me, since this chicky is pushing way hard to match me. I was so flattered and told her so. (is that a weird response, "that's so flattering!") I even walked past my turn in order to chat with her more. Then walked the long way home with a stupid grin on my face, daydreaming about teaching a class.

I should have done this in the other order, but a bad thing happened yesterday too. I emailed to inquire about how my stupid committee is coming along with scheduling a defense for my stupid thesis. (supposed to take ~5 weeks from submitting to defense.) They've had mine since the end of August and havent' given it to the external reviewer yet so that will add at least 3 more weeks. PLUS, one of my committee members is ill, and in India visiting family. So may not be coming home when he was planning on it either (nov 15) so it may be postponed further. I can't really be mad that the guy is really sick (don't know what that means, like the flu? Or something life threatening?) but I am mad that it will delay my defense even further. If I'm not done by Christmas I'll give up.

Ok, well, work to do, and thursday is my favorite because I've got new podcasts to listen to while I work. yay! (what a bipolar post, highs and lows huh?)


Angie All The Way said...

Hey I remember you saying a while back that you needed to find more friends in your area that had the same interests in getting healthy etc. Robin sounds like a good start!

So why is it that you keep eating all of the crappy food? Stop it! Why in the h e double hockey sticks do we do that to ourselves?

Sara said...

Aw that is so sweet of Robin - nice to get compliments like that!!

Murder Mystery - sounds like such an awesome, unique and fun idea!

Jen said...

I wish I could offer advice for Edmonton shopping but I have been to ONE bridal store there and that was after my eye I can't even tell you where we went!!!!

That is an EXTREMELY flattering compliment!!! I would be on cloud nine!!!

My murder mystery party got postponed so I can't even tell you what it was like...HOWEVER, I have been to 2 in the past and I loved them!!!

eurydice said...

is the halloween candy gone now?

i think that christmas parties are a great motivation. and the murder mystery party sounds really fun. i should do something like that too!

Sagan said...

The good thing about having eaten all the leftover candy is that now its GONE and you don't have to worry about it. least, that's what I tell myself when I find myself in a similar situation:)

Caleigh said...

Wow…. I'm too planning to buy a dress for the Christmas party.