Monday, November 24, 2008

So I had a weekend

So yep, the weekend was there. It was SO productive it's sort of silly. My accomplishments:
friday - well sort of nothing. I guess that's not so great. I don't really remember what I did actually.

saturday - trip in to the city to buy vacuum accessories ($60 worth of bags and filters and a hard floor attachment etc) and dog food. Also a bit of groceries and stuff for a party. I was home by 11:00. Love that. Then cleaned the house top to bottom including dusting everything, cleaning the cupboard under the bathroom sink, scrubbing bathroom, kitchen and living room, made appetizers (crab dip and jalepeno roll-ups), did laundry, more general house cleaning. Worked out, with my heavy weights! (as in 50 lbs on the barbell, nothing ridiculous, but not light!) Had friends over for supper, after supper another friend came over and the boys went to hockey and we played with all the puppies! They brought their 8 week old and 12 week old puppies to play with Daisy. She looked like a giant compared to them, but she's going to be about half the size when they're full grown (one was a golden lab, the other a boxer). Played with them for hours and hours, then after hockey the whole team came over (hence appetizers and party stuff). Played hostess for a few hours then crashed at 2:00. - Oh, I should also mention that I trained the 12 week old a new trick and got the 8 week old out of it's shell and made it start playing. Plus cleaned up 2 accidents. I rock at puppies.

Sunday - more cleaning from the party including vacuuming UNDER THE COUCHES and shampooing the entire carpet (2 hour process at least). Then I converted ALL of our home movies to DVD while I was baking 28 dozen Christmas cookies! Last night I finally chilled out and watched the Colbert Christmas special and went to bed early. (only to be woken up when hubby got home from poker).

Speaking of hubby, last night we also had a talk. We haven't been clicking lately. We haven't been fighting, but there's sort of a thing between us. He felt like I didn't like him, and I felt like he didn't care about me. I was very frustrated because everytime he's home, he's sleeping. (he naps almost every day from 7 until 9 or so). And then I go to bed at 10:00 so there's not much interaction time. Plus he's got hockey 1 night, I've got exercise class 2 nights, weekends he often has poker or hockey or something and I have shopping and girl's things. I was frustrated because whenever I try and bring up that I want to spend time together he explains that he's really busy with stuff like hockey (to be fair he's had a crazy couple weeks with 3 or 4 games a week, all at 10:30 or later) and finishing the basement. I do understand that. But he actually hasn't been working on the basement, he was helping a friend finish his basement, plus insulating the garage and getting ready for his hunting trip this week. All this other stuff, that really isn't supposed to be on the radar, the basement is. I'd be ok with him blowing me off to finish the basement, but blowing me off to nap? Not so cool. So we hashed it out and he's agree to try going to bed at the same time as me and not have a nap. (he'd nap 3 hours, then stay up until 1:00 and of course be tired the next day so he'd need to nap again). I think that consecutive sleep is what really counts so you can get a deep enough sleep (and not on the couch with the tv on). I told him it would probalby help with having more energy, feeling better, not being so tired on the weekends, he might lose some more weight (he's been good with his eating and exercise, but sort of stalled weight wise), PLUS we'd get the chance to just chat while we're getting ready for bed. A definate connect every day, even if it's just while brushing our teeth. I'm happy. I think he will be too.

Oh, and the millions of cookies I made? Well this coming weekend I'm hosting a Christmas baking exchange for 10 of us girls. So I had to make 1 dozen for each of them, but because I made whipped short bread with my cookie press, 1 dozen is nothing, so I made 2 dozen for each person (I still feel like I cheaped out, they're just butter and sugar, no cream cheese, no icing, no tart shells or anything hard). Plus I made Christmas trees which are hubby's favorite (his mom's recipe, just brown sugar rolled cookies that she always cuts into Christmas tree shape so they call them Christmas trees) so he can take half of those hunting this week. I think I'm also going to make popcorn balls or carmel and pink popcorn still, then after the exchange I'll be done baking! yay!

Because I'm hosting, it's going to be as close to a Christmas party as i'm having. So I'm going to make a couple treats that won't be in everyone's package so they don't get sick of it all (popcorn and Christmas trees at least, maybe Frogs from the great recipe Carolyn gave me last year. And yeah, welcome back Carolyn!) And I'll probably make some appetizer like thing. I know my parents want some more spanikopita like I made last year, plus I've got a great hot spinach dip recipe that's always loved.

And what will we be doing while we eat all these munchies? Solving a murder! Way fun. It's a murder mystery party! I forgot to say on the weekend I also emailed all my guests their character descriptions so they could come in costume (like add a hat or glasses and a necklace or something, I don't want it to be ridiculous!). I accidentally read one of the character books so I have to be that person (I'm not the murderer, shhh!). I'm the deceased's spoiled rich son with a gambling problem, sunglasses, shifty, carries dice around. I think it would also say coke habit (as in the drug, not the soda! ha!) if it weren't a family game. Anyway, I'm excited for that.

Hubby's leaving wednesday through to sunday for his hunting trip with his dad. So I can get ready all week. Plus I have plans to decorate for Christmas, sew a stupid Christmas outfit (it's an ugly Christmas sweater party in a couple weeks but I'm thinking of sewing an ugly skirt to go with it. fun huh?) I'm quite looking forward to all the things I've got planned! It's gonna be a good week.

Oh, PLUS, I've got a massage booked for tomorrow after work. Sweet.


tash said...

Enjoy your massage! I think you probably need it after the cleaning/baking spree!

Vanessa said...

I love murder mystery parties! Fun times.

Hope everything works out with the hubby and you get to spend some extra time together

Haley said...

Hi Randi,
Just coming out of lurkdon to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog -- have fun at the murder mystery!

Bi0nicw0man said...

OK, after all that I can only remember Ugly Christmas Sweater Party...that's awesome!! I so want to do that!

Sagan said...

Murder mystery parties are so much fun!

Enjoy the baking:)

Carolyn said...

Sooo busy! Wowsa.
The murder mystery sounds like so much fun! I love that idea! Very creative.

Mmm frogs....I love those things. Yum! I swear I feel like I am surrounded by Christmas baking! It's everywhere!

We are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party on Dec 26th...make sure you post any outfit ideas so I can steal them from you and pass them off as my own! :)

I know what you mean about the talk that you and hubby had. Sometimes I swear that Scott and I get so wrapped up in everyday life that we barely even notice each other. We can go days, or even a week and barely spend any "quality time" together. Then at the end of the week, it feels like he's been gone all week or that I haven't even seen him! I don't think I alot of people realize the value of quality time and how important it is in a relationship. A lot of times. I take Scott for granted and get so wrapped up in my day to day routine....but on the flip side, it makes those times where you can sit down and really talk to each other very special!!

ok...I'm starting to sound like a Hallmark card. Enough, but you know what I mean. :)

Angie All The Way said...

That sounds like a fun night for sure.

Is hubby feeling okay these days or is it that he got into a bad sleep cycle with the nap and staying up late and then being tired again. Getting ready for bed together at the same time is a great idea because you're right now that I think about it, that's really "our" time every day and it does make a difference. Hope things get better there.

RYC: sorry if my food grossed you out. Muesli is heavier and almost like granola and sinks to the bottom.

eurydice said...

wow you were very busy on saturday! quality time is very important. i am against naps... you are right about having a longer, undisturbed sleep!