Thursday, November 27, 2008

contemplating buying a treadmill...

I get various e-flyers all the time. Usually I disregard them, unless something amazing catches my eye. And I guess to get Christmas ideas. Well today I clicked through the Canadian Tire one and it set my heart a flutter. They're selling a treadmill (that got all good reviews from customers) for $1000 off, so it's only $499. This Saturday only, in store only. Limited stock, no rainchecks. (open at 7 am).

Grr! I really want a treadmill! But we have no place to put it and I didn't save up $500 yet. We'll do pros and cons.

Pros -
I want one
It's a really good sale for a really good treadmill
I wouldn't have to join a gym and pay for that after christmas (probably same price for a year right)
Hubby and I would both use it.
I would definately use it while watching tv
I have many excuses to deserve it - finally defending, we're getting a dish that hubby wants for $500, we're not doing real Christmas presents

Cons -
It's $500, on top of the $500 we're spending for hubby's dish (we're on bunny ears currently, but they're bu-bye in feb right?)
We didn't save up $500 for this (we have savings but it wasn't earmarked treadmill money)
I didn't save up my personal money for this (I get $400 a month that I usually blow on clothes, magazines, make-up, eating out, who knows what)
We have no where to put it (at least until the basement's done, which won't be until a year from now)
Hubby wouldn't want it, he's got a gym at work
Impulse buy
I still might want a gym membership...
I might end up neglecting Daisy's walks

So I think it's a no. Too bad. But the only reason I would get it is because of the ridiculous sale. But from checking the web, it seems that it's not the first time it's been on sale for this. So if we keep watching, maybe it'll happen again when we're ready for it.

However, if anybody is ready for a treadmill, I suggest you go to Canadian Tire this saturday at 7:00 am and buy the Horizon ct5.0.


tash said...

Everyone I know who has bought a treadmill or other exercise equipment ends up using it for a few months, than it just takes up space.

Carolyn said...

I agree with Tash. Most people just let it collect dust in the basement after a few months. PLUS getting a gym membership that you have to pay for every month will give you extra motivation to go. PLUS you get to go to classes and stuff like that.

Good job though on weighing out your options and making the right choice for you!

Vanessa said...

My exercise bike is the best thing I ever purchased! We picked it up about 2 years ago and we use it regularly (except during the summer when it's more fun to go out on a real bike).

Jen said...

*laughs* I like how you talked yourself out of it!!!!

We have an elliptical machine in our basement and both Danny and I have been using it lately...I can't guarantee how long it will last and we still both plan on having gym memberships...for us it's more just EXTRA...I use it when I want to catch up on a show or read a's a good way to do get in some exercise without realizing it...

Sara said...

We've had our bike for about a year now and we both use it very often! But we do not have gym memberships and don't really want them!

I loved how you sat down and thought it through to come up with your decision. The deal breaker for me would be the fact that you have nowhere to put it and that treadmills go on sale often!

eurydice said...

i saw that today too! and i would get it if i had a house! i would love to walk on the treadmill and watch tv.

Sagan said...

Wow that's quite the deal. Although Tash has a good point. Money frustrations ARE a problem there, too...

I had a dream last night about buying a treadmill. I think that means that I need to start going to the gym again... lol.

jerry said...

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