Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the one where I got a massage

Yep so I hit up the old massage therapist last night. I'm not really sure what a regular trip to get a massage is like. I've only ever gone to spas for spa massages. So it wasn't very deep muscle or anything. She worked out a few knots but I don't think I had that many really. It was nice. I did have sore legs from my workout right, and I told her about that but she didn't really seem to fix them at all, just did a light massage on them, almost avoiding the sore parts. Whatever. It was a nice massage. I might book another one towards the end of December, just cause they're free with my work coverage. I was also thinking of booking in some physical therapy for my jaw and maybe my posture. I get $300 a calendar year in that also and it's the end of November already.

And guess what else happened? My stinking defense finally got scheduled! About TIME! It's unfortunately scheduled on the only day when I had something else to do, Dec 18 when our work is having a Professional Development Day. As in, a day full of meetings about work projects and proceedures and then one from the boss about employee bonuses and changes to overtime and stuff. I'll still be able to attend the morning. I am way nervous now about my defense. I haven't done any of the work in it since 2006 and I sure would do some things different now, hard to defend that. But I'm hoping the committee feels guilty for keeping my thesis for so long. They should have had it just for 3 to 6 weeks, not 4 months. They cost me $600 in tuition maintenance fees. Plus, having never been to a defense, I don't know what to expect, what kind of questions they're going to ask, what kind of prep I should do. I already know one of my supervisors wasn't happy with a lot of it. (the main supervisor was happy so hopefully he wins).

Hubby and I had another bit of a fight last night. Not even sure what about. I explained how I feel bad when he will take time and make plans with any number of his friends, but when it comes to spending time with me it's work. Plus he never makes dates with me to go for a drink or go eat, but does it with his buddies all the time. He said it's not his fault alone, and it's not like he's going out with the same guy every time. It's one buddy one week, a different one later etc. And he and I don't have anything to talk about as our interests aren't the same, we don't even care about each other's work (to be fair, we don't really understand it either). I don't know exactly what got worked out, but I feel better now. I think he's agree to try and make dates with me, work me into the rotation or something. And I won't complain that we never talk unless I've got a topic for conversation.

Anyway, resulted in me not having a very good sleep. And then I was slightly late for work this morning. No big deal, I just though the big boss from Calgary was here today but I guess not. Lunch is absolutely crazy though because of this. I've got a naked salad (aka no protein on it), but I've got leftover steak kabobs, plus a hard boiled egg. Then I've got 2 oranges, 4 yogurts (little 30 calories each ones), 2 cheese strings, a granola bar, a trail mix pack, a 100 calorie chocolate chip/cereal pack. Plus I brought my cereal and milk separate and ate them here (as I didn't have time at home). My bag was overflowing! We'll see how much I eat. I don't know what it was but the scale was up 1.4 lbs this morning! I think maybe my sore muscles aren't helping. I also had a late supper (but just soup, salad and 1 kabob (80 calories)). Confusing. I'm looking forward to hubby being gone (leaving this afternoon until Sunday) because I'm going to cook and eat all the things he doesn't like - hello couscous, curried chickpeas and edamame!

Tonight I've got kickboxing, hoping my legs hold out for a good workout. Then they can be sore again. I've also got a twinge of sciatica hitting my back/legs. Ouch. Hope it goes away with good posture today.


tash said...

You should plan a regular date night. Tim and I always spent Saturday nights together either out on a date or in on a date (ie no computers and if the tv is on, must both be watching it). It worked great - and when there was something special going on for one of us on the Saturday night, we'd just switch the night around. We also had every Friday night as girls night for me and boys night for him. said...

>>just cause they're free with my work coverage

I can't get past this line. Sigh. I wish!

Sara said...

Justin and I are pretty much home bodies so we see each other all the time - not always the most fun! But I have lots of friends who either have date nights or have friend nights.

Yay for your defense being scheduled!!

Jen said...

Ah, I am so glad I finally got to catch up on your blog!!! It cheered me up a lot!!! So many interesting things going on with you!!!

I agree with Tash, Danny and I TRY to have a date night every week...we spend as much time together as possible but then also have nights where we make other plans...either with our friends or just on our own (I like alone time too!!)

I am so excited for you for your defense!!! It will be over soon and then you can relax for the holidays!!! I have never seen you be anything but the best so I am certain you will rock it!!!!