Wednesday, November 5, 2008


US election had record high voter turnout - 65% of those registered I think. (I'm unclear on how the registering thing works in the states, like what percent of the eligible population registered? So how high is that voter number really?)

Canadian election voter turnout - record low - 60%. Seems funny. PLUS, our election was ONLY for the federal leadership, we had no additional bills or civic positions on the bill.

(note my numbers may be off, that's just a quick google search for ya)

Also, to be fair, in Canada, (in my opinion) we didn't really have anything on the line. It was not a record making election like in the states, where either party would change history. The parties in Canada (well those who had a realistic shot of winning) REALLY aren't that different. They fight and bicker like they are, but that's politics.

I gotta admit that I am glad it's over! No matter who wins, I love election aftermath. Coming through with promises, making changes. Or not. It's better than campaigning!


Sagan said...

Good points on the differences between the two elections! I've been thinking about that too lately. And really weird how we've had the lowest voter turnout and the USA had the highest...

Vanessa said...

I don't think people should be able to live in a country without participating in some manner. Voting is the least we can do (literally), regardless of how exciting the election may be.

I also love the aftermath! It'll be interesting to see what Obama does with his presidency.

tash said...

I think it's scary how little attention has been paid to porpositions that have been voted on state by state that will effect the US more than just a switch of presidents. Anti-abortion bills have luckily not passed, but restrictions on gay marriage, prevention of gay couples from adopting etc have passed. I find that stuff scarrier than GWB.

Angie All The Way said...

Yes I agree, there was definitely more at stake in the US election. It's almost like they have more of a "duty" to participate because their politics affects the rest of the world. Whether they see it that way or not, it's true. Whether Harper or Dion got elected wouldn't make other countries bat an eye.