Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun times

So my weekend was great. Very quick and I do feel ripped off like I didn't get a weekend. But it was fun. Friday night was prep. Packing etc. Saturday way early I picked up the other girl and we took off. It was pitched black for 2.5 hours then all of a sudden light when we picked up my sister in Lloyd. Then drove the other 2.5 hours. We borrowed my parents GPS since none of us knew the city at all. Well my sister was navigating and she did say she sucked, but did she ever suck. We wasted lots of time and gas driving to West Ed. AND once there we got lost in the Mall over and over. Oh I should say, I ate pretty crappy. Grabbing greasy A&W breakfast, then eating lunch at Hooters (don't even ask), I had a crappy hotdog that I didn't finish, and fries that were hard as a rock so I only ate around 5. But I did have a big margarita. Wandered all over the mall, I ended up buying:
noodles from the Chinese grocery store
black satin pumps from Forever 21
Teal short sleeve sweater and black off the shoulder top from some other cheap place
Make up at Sephora

Sis and other bridesmaid (BM) bought a bit of stuff too. Sis didn't get much because she went in looking for something specific and then could never find it, (a grey camisole, shouldn't be hard, but it was). BM wanted a coat so that took tons of time trying on all sorts of different ones, every place had a big selection of them but we wanted to find an inexpensive one that was nice, so it was a lot of comparison shopping. The wedding stores in the mall were very busy and really expensive, plus sis didn't feel like trying stuff on by the time we got to them. (Mom's probably coming up this weekend or thursday to try shopping again).

We got lost on the way to pick up my friend again then went to Olive Garden (we were such the saskatchewan tourists! No Olive Garden in SK so that's where everyone always goes on AB trips, so lame). I still wasn't hungry, even though I hardly ate any lunch, (not meaning it was low cal or anything). Like severely not hungry. I ordered a chicken dish because the accompanying veggies sounded good. I ate a plate of salad, and half a breadstick. Then the veggies and 1 bit of chicken, boxed up the rest. It was weird how unhungry I was. I did have another drink, another margarita I think.

It took so long to eat and everything that it was already 10:00 when we got to my friend's. So we just sat and visited for a couple hours and then went to bed. The next day my friend made us waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and had fruit and muffins and juice etc. So good. (I love breakfast foods so much!) Anyway. after that was Ikea (again, no Ikea in Saskatchewan so have to do it in Ikea, that and stop at Superstore liquor store and stock up on Brewhouse. It's about half the cost of beer is Saskatoon [we don't have private liquor stores] even though it's made in Saskatchewan). So we spent 3 hours in Ikea or more. I didn't get that much. A couple containers and a toilet brush and some Christmas decorations. But with 4 people all looking for different things and nothing very specific it ended up taking a long time. Then we were hungry again by the time we got done so just grabbed some hotdogs and cinnamon buns (these hotdogs were $0.50 and were way way better than my $7 one.) Then we dropped off my friend and took off again! End of road trip! (stupid 5 hour drive one way!)

The driving was mostly lots of fun too though I guess. We were quite giggly.

Other random things I want to say:

- Both BM and I admitted to sis that we'd probably getting pregnant now if it wasn't for her wedding. She told us that we could be pregnant anyways. We'll see...
- My sister's idea for favours for her wedding was to not do individual boxes of candy for everyone, but rather have a candy buffet where you can fill up your own little bag from a huge assortment of candies. That idea made me so happy. Just the idea of it. It's like going to a candy store and getting whatever you want by the scoopful. It was originally goign to be in various glass bowls and cups and fishbowls and stuff (think Martha Stewart how unmatching things can match) but then when we were almost done Ikea and she picked out all these glass things that really added up, we saw the flower pots and changed it to that. Her theme is ivy and plants and flowers, so flower pots (cleaned, probably lined) full of candy, mixed with some real pots of houseplants with ivy between them all. Oh, and you scoop your candy with miniature trowels and stuff. Cute huh?
- My pregnant friend we stayed with is the type of pregnant woman you hate. She didn't look pregnant at all from the front. Couldn't tell at all. It looked EXACTLY like she shoved a basketball under her shirt. Only 7 weeks left.
- her hubby really really appreciated the tiny Rider jersey onsie we got. Pretty cool. Friend really appreciated the M&M's gift certificate I also got her, she hates cooking.
- I am very ready to lose weight again. The scale only shows me up 5 lbs from my previous low, but I think somehow it looks more like 10 lbs. I didn't used to have any muffin top when I weighed this much, and my tummy was flat and tight, just larger than I wanted. Now it's all lose and jiggly and I have to wear coats or sweaters on top of all the clothes I used to wear. Starting this week I'm back to the gym.
- I found 2 different recipes for the Olive Garden salad dressing, if either of them tastes right, I'll share.
- I weighed 140.2 this morning. That's less than I did friday before we left. Sometimes it is so weird what a weekend can do for you.


tash said...

You can't say Hooter and than not explain how you ended up there. I think it's a blog rule . . .

Jen said...

*laughs* I agree with Tash's comment!!!

I LIVE in Alberta but I almost always go to the Olive Garden and I pretty much always go to Ikea...I am an Edmonton tourist in the WORST way (and a really bad navigator - and driver at least in Edmonton, I closed my eyes and screamed with the GPS lady told me to enter the traffic wasn't so bad in the end!!!)

I hope those dressing recipes turn out!!! I would LOVE to recreate that stuff!!!

Sara said...

We don't have Olive Garden either but I've never had it so I don't know what I'm missing I guess!!

Oh you totally got to spill on the Hooter story!!

Sounds like an awesome weekend!!

MizFit said...

ok you distracted me so with the word PREGNANT!!!

get to practicing :)

Angie All The Way said...

I LOVE OLIVE GARDEN. We don't have any in the Maritimes or an Ikea either!

I saw a candy bar idea once in a photo and it looked so fun!

I bet you're going to be one of those basketball pregnant ladies! lol My cousin was pregnant with TRIPLETS and she looked like that!

eurydice said...

i really wouldn't mind if my BMs were pregnant either... not that i'm getting married yet! the candy is such a great idea too!