Thursday, November 13, 2008

not feeling it

The blogging that is. Used to spend an hour just blabbing on here. Lately haven't been feeling it.

I had kickboxing last night. It was good. I felt weird. I pushed myself hard in a track that's normally easy and got all light headed, so I sort of took it easy for the rest. Just didn't feel normal. But it was a good workout.

Maybe it was my hotdogs for supper before hand. Say what you will about hotdogs, they are yummy, AND they are one of my lowest calorie meals. (with a side of steamed green beans). Tonight is much more fancy, ham steaks with pineapple and cranberry sauce. (slow cooker recipe) we'll see how it turns out.

I'm also way busy tonight. Shoe shopping with my sis after work. Then home and laundry and make appetizer for hubby's ball windup party I'm missing. Plus figure out what I'm doing for a present for my friend's baby. (we're going to visit her this weekend in Edmonton and I've got nothing so far, she's due in January. I was thinking M&M meats gift certificate or something since I can't bring her a lasagna she could buy one, but is that a national chain? Any other ideas?)

I'm excited for our trip. Yay Ikea! Also yay to shopping. The plan is to think Christmas, but I actually really need some clothes (jeans and sweaters). fun fun. Plus some wedding shopping too. yay!


SeaBreeze said...

Yes, M&M is a national chain. Do you have a link to the slow cooker recipe? Sounds yummy.

tash said...

My best ham ever involves mustard, brown sugar, and a mixture of canned and fresh fruit. Damn, ham is good!

Jen said...

That's weird about the dizzyness thing at the kickboxing!!!

Does your friend need anything else for the baby as well???

You will have so much fun shopping in Edmonton!! i love going there!

Angie All The Way said...

Ham on the bone, slow cooked involving all the ingredients Tasha mentioned = friggin awesome.

I hope you are feeling better soon and start blabbing - I miss ya ;-)