Tuesday, February 12, 2008

blew it?

So this weekend i'm pretty sure I blew whatever loss I had last week and whatever losses I might have for the next, oh say 5 months. Man did we eat. First of all, I forgot about road trips and how they are detrimental to your health because they're boring and eating is fun. So sweedish berries, veggie chips, trail mix and more all got devoured in the 10 hours of driving. Plus we ate good at our friend's house. They made us steak and potatoes and veggies and muffins and chicken parmasaen, and eggs benedict. Plus we ate out at the Olive Garden and devored the breadsticks. At least I cut my pasta in half and only ate that.

Shopping was fun too. Expensive but fun. I forgot how expensive my husband is. We probably blew $800 including gas and meals and stuff. Ouch. I bought a pair of $15 jeans, a $10 belt, some stevia (fake sugar), a few organizing things at Ikea, some various kitchen things and a plant stand. Oh and a jump rope. It was $20 at the Nike store, so a bit much but I could never find the kinds I wanted before. But then an hour later I saw a $7 one at Walmart, oh well. Hubby bought a billion things but it was all stuff he really wanted mostly. Like there's a goalie store there so he bought a goalie hockey bag which he's always wanted, beer is cheap so he stocked up 6 cases. etc etc. boring.

we went to the water park at the mall. Fun, a little scarier than I thought it would be. I'm getting old. Hubby did pretty good too, he's not a ride person, hates even the ferris wheel. So he thought he was going to have a heart attack but did alright. ;) I did not feel my hottest standing in line in my tankini. I need to get a new bathing suit. But I don't want to until I'm at goal (just 10-ish lbs to go, come on already!!!). But by then, my bathing suit will look nice again. Hmf.

So I did not track on the weekend, I could pick out the big meals for you and some of the snacks, but there was a lot of picking and snacking that I'm sure I won't remember. But I'm back on the wagon. I started good today, eating healthy food and nothing but:

breakfast - 2 toast with peanut butter
s - carrots
l - spinach salad with veggies and italian dressing, grapes and honeydew melon
s - figs, yogurt
supper ?

Very vegalicious. I bought a bunch of bags of mixed frozen veggies so I'm going to make like a pound of that for every meal. Half the time that's my favorite part of what we're eating so I gotta remember to do that and cut the other food in half.

The friend's we were staying with had the coolest thing for a couple trying to workout together. It was a fitness competition thing. Basically a calendar with stickers (so you can make your own) and reward cards). If you exercise or go to the gym or whatever on that day, you get a sticker. If you go more than 3 times in a week, you get a 3 point sticker (not sure if you guy 5 times if you get 3 1pts and 2 3pts or what exactly but you could make up the rules your self). Then each week the winner gets to pick a reward card. The rewards are things like the other person has to cook your favorite meal or give you a massage or do dishes for a week or whatever. (there was a HUGE reward card stack, I can't imagine what they'd all say). I just thought that was so awesome and I was so jealous that they'd do that together (the guy was totally kicking the girl's ass too! I can't even imagine!). I sort of suggested doing that with hubby and he said "you win". Even if he'd want to do it, I just exercise way more than him and would kick his butt. The couple is planning on doing a triathalon this summer so that resparked my interest in a triathalon. So this thursday I'm going to try and go swimming. I found a couple races around here in June and when you think of it, that's really coming up fast.

The distances are:
Super Sprint - 300m Swim, 6k Bike, 3k Run
Sprint - 500m Swim, 10k Bike, 5k Run
women's only - 300m swim/10km bike/3km run
Team and Individual 1.5 km swim, 25-30 km bike, 10 km run. (Sprint distance is half.)

So I'm not sure which I'd like to do. I know that I can run 5 k in about 30 minutes, and I heard somewhere the sprint one was about 30 minutes per thing. I think I could handle that, but I've never ran 5k after already working out for an hour. Might be tough. So the super sprint or the women's only with just 3k run sounds better. I dunno.

But my friend suggested I come do the race in Edmonton with them too, so that's an option. I'm excited to start thinking of it and I want to see just how far 500 m of swimming is, try it on thursday. (what's a pool length? 25? or 50?) Plus I don't know how serious the transitions are and stuff if it's just for fun. Also, I only have a mountain bike, not a street bike, is that ok? Would I look dumb? I know it would make it harder but I'm not buying a bike for 1 race. Anybody out there done a triathalon?

So I have to finish checking up with all of you now. Hope you stayed on track better than I did!


Cara said...

I am SURE you can do the 500m. I did it in swimming when I was in high school a few times. Each length is 25, a lap is 50. You do 10 laps non stop. It was freaking hard when I did it the first time, but I had also only been training for 2 weeks. I think by the time I did it my last time I wasn't actually in last place. It was awesome. hahah. (I suck at sports, or did...).

Anyway, it sounds like you had a great time. That is so cute with the calendar thing as well. I want to do one as well. Hmm. The boyfriend likes to workout too so he might be up for it. Hmmm. I wonder if calendars are cheap now that its the 2nd month in the year. hahaha.

Good luck getting back on track!!

Ashley said...

It sounds like you had such a great time! And I love that you already have a 'back-on-track' plan. Keep going!

Jen said...

That's awesome that your trip went well!!! I always eat badly on vacations...I can't get my mind into it...sounds like you are doing good being back on track though!!!

I like the challenge calendar idea!!! My husband would think it's unfair because he thinks I have more time than him...which I don't really...

anyway, I know nothing about triathalons...so no help here!!

Lex.D said...

Ojhhh so glad you went & did the waterpark. the one slide I could never do is the skyscreamer (i think that's waht it's called) it's basically STRAIGHTDOWN all the way!

that calendar idea is such a great one!! i think it would be something good for my boyfriend & i to try. neat!

welcome back!

Jenn said...

Hi Randi.
I'm glad you made it back safely! And it sounds like you had a ton of fun this weekend, which you totally deserve. Quit beating yourself up over not tracking. You aren't going to track every day for the rest of your life - its ok to not track for one weekend.
But on the flip side, I'm glad to see that you are back on track. Within a few days you'll be feeling brand new again. And who knows, your metabolism might have needed you to eat more in order to jumpstart your losses. Don't be too hard on yourself. :)

And I really like the calendar idea as well, but Matt would never go for it. He is happy with his weight, even if that means carrying around 20 extra pounds, he doesn't care. He's "fat and happy" as he calls it.

I think you should try one of the triathalons. Maybe pick one of the smaller ones so that you can get a feel for it before you go out there and end up killing yourself on the big one. I think it would be a great fitness goal to train for.

Oh, and I'm glad to see you added a cheese stick to your menu today, it was kind of sparce.

A.L.L.A (green girl) said...

Don't be too hard on yourself - you had fun, and that's all that matters! Plus, if you change your eating pattern for a couple of days, you could actually trick your body and end up losing weight!

Triathlon sounds like a good idea! I would love to do one of those as well, but I'm not that great at swimming laps... And I'm sure that you could use a mountain bike, you might have to work a bit harder than those with race bikes, just because it's heavier...

And the sticker competition is a great idea! I give a sticker to myself for every workout that I do. I put them on my calendar at work, and I get instant gratification when I look at it! So, no need for competition... :)