Thursday, February 7, 2008

only 1/2 of a good day left!

YAY! only 5 hours left and it's home time for my weekend! And the afternoon is even sort of fun work (well it's super boring, but requires no thought, just cut and paste, so I can listen to podcasts all afternoon! yay!) Then tonight is also going to be super fun since LOST is on! I can't believe it's been a week already, it flew. I'm so confused and Lost myself (I wonder if that's why they call the show that, sort of a double meaning or something...). Is Charlie dead or not? who else got off the island, and why didn't everybody? etc etc. soo good.

b - small carrot bran muffin and Kashi cereal with figs
s - carrots and hummus
l - 1 triangle of a quesadilla, honeydew melon, figs
s - yogurt, apple?
supper - dunno.

Yesterday for supper I made quesadillas. I haven't made them since halloween (don't ask why I remember that). But I really should make them more often. They're really healthy if you watch the cheese. Just like a wrap, but way more filling. I just cooked chicken breast strips, onion (didn't have any peppers otherwise they'd be here too), mixed it with salsa and put that on tortillas (1 per person) sprinkled with cheese and folded in half and broiled for a few minutes. It was super quick, hardly made any dishes, and really is very healthy. and GOOD! I made myself a special one with hardly any cheese and ate the whole thing. Hubby got a big one with more cheese and couldn't even finish the whole thing. So how about that? I also only used 2 chicken breasts for 3 people. Can't believe how full I was after too.

Then there was step class. I always have my step on the higher level, I'm the only one in class. the instructor started this time with it on a higher level but switched about halfway, saying that I might want to too, but it's alright to leave it if I wanna go crazy. I sort of felt weird, hadn't she noticed that I've had it like this for 5 weeks now? Whatever. I just don't feel like I worked out if it's on the lower one, but the difference is only like 2 inches so it's still not really high or anything.

Your comments have inspired some of my own comments:
As for food as a gift. I also dont' appreciate getting chocolates or whatever (I appreciate the thought, just not the tempting food). However, these people we're visiting I dont' think ever think about "diet" food. They're naturally slim people I think. However when I get stuff like that, it's easy enough to get rid of if I really dont' want it. Send it to work or something. Big deal. However I think a part of me likes the sabatoge other people's diets thing. I know it's so bad but I'm a bad person. ;) If they get fatter, I look skinnier. (you all think it, and are secretly glad when one of your skinny friends puts on 5 lbs, I know it). Also, I don't keep that stuff around my house (cupcakes etc) and dont' eat it ever, except when I go visiting or have a party or something. I go off diet during these times and it's planned and I want to. Otherwise I'd go around craving bad stuff all the time if I never got it. So this weekend I'm planning on treating myself a little bit, maybe getting donuts on the road, definately eating some cookies. But then when I'm back home I'm over it. It's just how I roll.

As for thinking I am bikini ready and your sweet compliments, Jenn you are now my best friend and favorite person ever. I do agree I have awesome arm and back muscles. However I think I may have tricked you a little bit with my pictures. You all are going bare tummy and I have not. I promise my update picture will be bare tummy. It's not as rock hard as the rest of me, trust me. I'll go strapless all day, but bikini, just not yet...

As for Edmonton, I'll be hitting the mall (maybe 2 days, one day shopping, one day swimming and rollercoastering and seal watching (do they still have the seals there?)), Ikea, Whyte Ave and maybe Helly Hansen (I think hubby would like it). Thanks for the ideas.

Workouts are ending up being a bit scarce this week, that's ok though, happens sometimes. Priorities right, and this week my priority is getting ready for my trip. So tonight is home to pack and get ready (make some road cds, print some maps etc). and of course Lost, maybe I'll try and get a little workout in while watching that. Elliptical maybe? Squats etc on commercials? Ok done. Good thinking Randi. Thank you.

I gotta go eat now. Plus I have to buy my monthly Melaluca purchase (it's our last one and we're getting out, otherwise I'd fill you all in on the company. Basically it's more environmentally friendly, safer, healthier, cheaper (sorta), better products, it's just there's a minimum monthly commitment and I'm tired of it). Hope you all have great weekends!


Cara said...

I hope you have a great time!!

Can't wait for the ab pics :-)

Also I did all those crazy measurements last night. Okay not really crazy, but whatever.

tash said...

The quesadillas sound delish! I'll have to try them sometime.

Have a nice and relaxing afternoon!

Candace said...

Awwww Randi - You gotta know that you're my Strength Training hero. Go ahead a puff up your vanity girl - you deserve it with those guns. Hope you're having fun training for that tri.

eurydice said...

i lost 5 pounds and my exroomate gained 15... now she hates me. go figure!!!

mmm what kind of wrap did you use?

Shannon said...

awww I LIVE on WHYTE AVE. :)