Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well here we are again

So before I forget, I also ended up eating birthday cake yesterday and not my yogurt. I was still starving. Then I had the best supper ever, stir fried veggies (probably like 2 cups at least) and teriaki chicken breast. (yay no starch! well there were peas and stuff in the veggies but you know what I mean). But I needed something afterwards so I had a handfull of skittles. Boo. They were sitting on the cupboard open just asking for it. Gotta talk to hubby about putting away his junk food. Also ate a tart later. That's right a tart. I made cranberry apple tarts for a dessert I have to bring to a friend's thursday night. They're really not terrible as far as desserts go. Super easy too. Bought tart shells (dunno how bad these are) apple and cranberries chopped up, tossed with sugar and a bit of flour. I should have used Splenda not sugar. The teeniest bit of butter dolloped on top (I was using a pie recipe and just shrinking everything. so it was like half a skittle of butter on each). They taste pretty good too. I like cranberries.

Anyway, and today's plan is:
breakfast (running out the door late) - 2 mini source yogurts (35 cal x 2) and a Kashi granola bar (130 cal)
snack - carrots, lots
lunch - chicken breast, grapes (lots), figs
snack - cheese string and a yogurt
supper - fish and maybe couscous and more veggies.

So last night was fun. I made that awesome meal, then made tarts and scrapbooked. I only did one page, mostly I was organizing myself to go to my friend's (who had a baby) and scrapbook tomorrow. Tonight I've got class so I won't have much time to pack it up. I felt very organized and on top of it, but then went into the living room and saw it was still a disaster from our weekend, and I still havent' unpacked my clothes and done laundry from it. Oh well. At least I'm on top of one thing.

This new dude at work is annoying me. He keeps asking me questions, since I knew him from school. Not realizing that I was low man on the totem pole before he started so I don't know much more than he does. I'm trying to answer him or whatever but am not sure I'm giving the right explanation and I know everyone can hear me because our walls are so thin. Boo. Ask the boss, that's what he's for.

Thanks for the feedback on the triathalon. I'm pretty excited to swim tomorrow and see how far I can go before tuckering out. I'm sure I can do at least 8 laps and that should be 400m no problem. Based just on my unsureness about the changes and the bike thing and just how serious it is, I think I'll do a beginner one, a try and tri or something. Even though I think I could do a longer distance.

Ok well I don't really feel like I've got much to tell you. I decided that I was going to be so on plan for the rest of this month it would blow you guys away. So just check me out alright?


Jen said...

Hm, yeah, I would talk to hubby about leaving snacks around...I am vicious with treats like that (ones that you can just grab by the handful!) your tarts sounds really yummy though!!

I love being all organized!!! I wish I was a "personal organizer" as a living or something...I love that stuff!!!

Have fun scrapbooking tonight!

Cara said...

It looks like you are on a good path today, so no biggie, just don't let it happen again. jk. :-)

Jenn said...

Alright Randi. I'm taking you up on that challenge. I'll do it with you - lets be on plan for the rest of the month. No more cake, skittles or tarts! I'll cut down on the peanut butter and junky snacks that I've been eating. No more excuses. We have come too far to let eating junk derail us. There are only 16 more days left this month. We can stay on track for 16 days - that's hardly any time at all!

Ok, tough love aside, I think its awesome that you are going to do one of the triathalons. And you know what, is there any way that you can do an easy one first, followed by a harder one a few weeks or months later? That way you can see how you do at the easy one and keep training yourself to get to the harder one? You're gonna be solid as a rock when you get done training for all of these!!!

Have fun swimming tonight! :)

Tammy said...

Good luck with staying on plan for the rest of the month! I know you can do it--and you will love the results :)