Monday, February 25, 2008

A wonderful weekend (focus on the positive)

I had weekend. I ate...alright. That about says it all doesn't it? For some reason I felt like eating a chocolate bar on Saturday. And I ate like 3 breakfasts on Sunday but no lunch. I dunno, it might balance out. I think it was overall a bit high on calories, especially for the lack of activity. All I did was walk the dog twice. Mellow. However I was standing/running around most of the day saturday.

I bought this cookbook at Costco (what's with that! I gotta stop it!) and it's called the Big Cook or something. anyway it inspired me to make all these ready made meals and freeze them so there's no thinking during the week. I packaged up:
6 bags of 1 dozen chicken wings. Not for me, for hubby. This way he can have wing night with me sometimes and save some money and get quality time in.
2 meals of pork chop parmasean
1 chicken stir fry w/ veggies
1 teriyaki chicken
1 homemade chicken strip meal
2 marinated chicken breast meals
1 polynasian beef meal
2 ham meals
3 wonton soup "concentrates" (yes homemade wonton soup with homemade wontons. tastes good, but annoying to do!)
I also divided up some Canadian bacon into "meal" sized portions.

I think there was some more meals as well but I can't remember it all. Not to bad at all huh? I spent saturday morning shopping at Superstore. I bought some really nice pjs on clearance as well. Microfleece brown. Nice. And an $8 workout top. No built in sports bra, but still nice. Plus weird things like tofu and a jar of roasted red peppers. Just some different things. I also saw all sorts of reasonably priced, really nice furniture pieces I want. Bookshelves and stuff. But saved it for another trip.

Then I spent all afternoon chopping and mixing my meals. It was really cool. Now I won't have to think about food for like 2 weeks minimum. Not to mention hubby brought home leftover marinating steak from the lake and lots of fish.

I also did some major overhaul cleaning on my pantry cupboards and did again like 9 loads of laundry. My brother came over last night too and he made some celery/potato soup which was ridiculously good that we ate for supper and I had for lunch again today. Plus I helped him go through his pictures from his year in Australia and picked out good ones to print or put in frames etc. I taped 2 curling games this weekend and the Oscars so I'm going to have nice supper watching tv for a few days this week. (both are good for doing 2 things at once while watching. Maybe dishes or organizing pictures for scrapbooking or exercising.)

Speaking of exercising, classes are back this week. I'm expecting to be nice and super sore from it because of my lack of hard workouts. Well I did hard cardio but like no strength stuff. (Can't wait for my birthday and barbell shopping. Though right now I have no where to keep it.)

Perhaps some of you saw Angie's blog where she talked about buying this dress? Well if you actually watch the little video with it you might be in as much awe as I am. So I went online and bought the dress 3 times. I can hardly believe it. But I bought a slightly different one, I think just the material is different though. And it was on clearance. So I bought 3 (was just gonna do 2 but $50 is free shipping...) for $18 each! Awesome! I got a brown, black and teal one. The black one in a large and the others in a medium since I'm between sizes. Even if the dress is all tight and shows rolls or something I can just wear it as a shirt (!) or a couple kinds of skirts (!). AMAZING!

Anyway. I've got some blogs to catch up on, not to mention I'm already sneaking in thesis work in with my work work (finally got edits back! now it's a race to see if I can get it through the committee and defend before the end of the semester...)


B2B SEO Copywriting said...

You are my hero. That is a TON of food to make and save. You are amazing. Perhaps you can give some recipes for some of them? ;-)

Cara said...

PS: B2B Seo Copywriting is me... i was in the wrong account. Oops.

tash said...

All those meals sound yummy! great meal planning!

The dress Ang got is amazing! (I was with her and got 2 - cranberry and brown). Not all the styles look great on me, but the ones that do are HOT! It is a really flattering dress - tight in the right places and lose in the ones you want it to be. I plan on wearing them as beack cover ups/nice evening dresses in Mexico. And they are perfect for summer back in canada too!

Angie All The Way said...

OMG $18, I think I'm gonna buy a few of those too! Aren't they awesome!!!

Jenn said...

Great meal planning!!!

And I saw the dress too, and I totally plan on buying a few. The ones that ship to the US are $15 for the clearance ones, but I think all of the colors stink. But, the other one like Angie bought, is only $36 for me! I'm going to Cleveland this weekend to visit a friend of mine and there is an American Apparal about a block from her apartment, so I'm dragging her there to try them on! :) I'll probably end up buying 1 or 2.