Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm excellent.

The lovely and wonderful Candace has awarded me and my blog this lovely giant E for being great. and "too cool" and she put it, and I agree. Thanks, I'm awesome. Even though I think bad things about WW sometimes. hehe.

Candace is working on being the best SHE that she can be, having accepted the gospel truth that strength training has got to be a part of that. She's doing it as we all should - for her health, and so that when men see her on the beach they begin drooling and staring. Duh.

So who should I nominate? Well I'm gonna throw this award out to Vanessa (Wheebles). Unfortunately she's invite only so if you aren't checking this girl out then you need to email her or something to get invited. Or maybe she doesn't want you. I dunno. Anyway, she's completely cool. doesn't pull any punches or hold anything back which I love. Also, while I'm very very impressed with so many of you bloggers and your incredible losses, I only had about 30 lbs to lose total and am stuck on that last tiny little bit (even though I'm at a fine weight right now really). As such I can just relate to Vanessa much easier, and if she can go from just slightly overweight, to bikini body, maybe there's hope for me too. That seems so weird and I feel like it's maybe insulting but hopefully she gets what I mean.

And I think I'll also through it out to Cara who is almost always the first one to throw a comment on my posts and who is always so positive and ready for any random idea that I have. Besides I'm so jealous of her stomach and if I link her maybe she'll tell me what her real secret is. ;) Also she hates tracking food but is doing it, and gets all bummed when she misses workouts etc. Again, another very relatable girl.

So obviously with the 70 some blogs I read on a daily basis I can't link to all of you, nor can I even comment on all the blogs. But let me just say that if you're reading this, and have ever commented ever, I'm probably reading you. And you ALL inspire me to not suck. So thanks!


Cara said...

Aww you are beyond sweet! :-)

Thanks for always kicking my butt and coming up with cool ideas to work on. I love to switch it up.

And the abs, its funny, because my body kind of lets me cheat. My rib cage protrudes a lot more than most at the top of the ab. It makes me look buffer there. Hahhaa. There IS muscle but not as much as most people would need to have to look the way mine does. A deformity I am not complaining about. Heh.

and yes, I am officially a cyber nerd. hahah.

thanks for making my stressful day better :-)

Amanda said...

Love the positive posts and passing the postive vibes along!

Jenn said...

I totally agree that you deserve an Excellent award!! :)