Friday, February 22, 2008

A brief note on hubby.

so hubby is still attempting to lose weight. He is doing it like a bad dieter I think though. The kind who still eat bad food, but then skip a meal or something? Well he's getting better. And he's trying. I don't know how much weight he's lost, if any in the past month. But let me tell you about his yesterday.

He recently went to Walmart and bought a new pair of work jeans. In a size 36 I think. That's a size up from his previous depressing size (He's about exactly the same height as me, 5'4.5" and weighs about 170. Granted alot is muscle, but he really shouldn't be weighing higher than like 155 I think.) Anyway, so he realized that he really has to step it up and seriously try and lose some weight, depressed with his new fat clothes. So yesterday at noon, he didn't really feel hungry or had an upset stomach or something, so he went upstairs at his work at first intending to nap, but then ended up working out! He works in a lumber yard and they just built a new store with a small gym upstairs! Basically the same stuff you'd see in a small hotel gym, a bike, a treadmill, a bowflex or something. A few dumbells. So he worked out for 30 minutes instead of eating lunch (they only get half hour). He told me that and I could tell he was so proud and thought I'd be so impressed. It was good and I was impressed, but I told him that he still has to eat lunch. He needs fuel for his workouts. He just needs healthy foods. He did buy a sub for supper instead of the regular bar wings or pizza. So that's another plus. and he used light mayo instead of regular which also told me so proud. Funny guy.

but he's going ice fishing this weekend and packed tons of snacks and beer and i'm pretty sure ice fishing is all about drinking anyway. We'll see though. Our BIL is doing LA weight loss and so has to kind of eat veggies and stuff. We'll see if any of that rubs of on hubby. i'm doubting it. I think BIL cheats a lot when SIL isn't around.

i'll let you know how it's working for hubby next time he weighs in.


Amanda said...

have to say that beer is probably one of the harder things for the guys to give maybe let that one go and just focus on getting him to workout for now. Once he gets that going then he'll start to feel better and that will make getting him to eat healthier a little easier...can't say I've totally won this battle with D, but I do know that beer is the last piece of a very very large puzzle.

Cara said...

My boy is skinny but since I have been so conscious of calories, etc he has too. Its weird though because I have to tell him NOT to eat like me. hahha. Well eat healthy not as much as me, he should be eating more, he is a grown man about a foot taller than me. heh.

Jennifer said...

That's awesome for your DH! :)

By the way, Randi, thank you SO much for your comment on my blog. You are right -- I know what works and what doesn't, from experience. It's like every action has the same reaction. Thank youuuu! :)

DBF asked me how many points he would get a day. I told him about 36, and then he asked me how many points a beer was. Then how many points 15 beer was. I said 45. He says, "Wow, that's more than what I'd eat in a day!" I still don't think it fazed him, but that's a LOT of beer to drink in one day.

Jenn said...

How was his weekend? Its so hard to watch eating on weekends, esp when going away with the guys...