Tuesday, February 19, 2008

lovely thank you.

So I had a lovely weekend. Full of snot and sleep. I was sick through my long weekend. boo. Oh well, at least I could sleep all day. I wasn't so sick that I'd want to stay home from work because I wasn't really incompasitated, just felt yucky.

Anyway, do you think that sore throats make you gain weight and snotty noses make you lose? After my sore throat went away (greatly aided by lots of liquids and halls and candies etc to suck on) I got a snotty nose and spent sunday monday filling garbages. Well I stepped on the scale this morning and not only did I lose that stupid pound from last week, but another half a pound a long with it. (I know it's not really possible to lose 1.5 lbs of fat in 3 days but whatever). I'll take it.

Exercise classes are cancelled this week due to the school feb break. So I'm hitting the gym today and maybe the rest of the week. Might just try and do a jump rope thing at home. I love jump ropes. Good for HIIT too I hear.

So my weekend eating was on plan and then so off plan at times. I made a big batch of nutriwhip (light) and ate it all with nothing but frozen berries. It was amazing. I don't know if that's on or off plan. But I have no guilt over it and I'll do it again every day if I could. Hubby had people over after his hockey on Sunday night and I was hungry so ate several handfulls of chips. Also there was saturday night when I was my sickest and having a pitty party since hubby went out and I was stuck at home all day and night. And I ate a chocolate bar. only half, then the other half monday. Oops. But not completely terrible really.

I also did some cooking. I made a big pot of soup yesterday, hamburger with lots of veggies and beans. However it was kind of bland. I threw in some salt and random spices to try and make it better (hey does anybody know how to use spices? I only know the Italian ones go with spaghetti etc, basil, oregano etc. What goes in soups?) We'll see, it's lunch today.

I also made pork hock ragout. My grandma used to make it all the time at Christmas. I always thought it was just leftover turkey in gravy with meatballs (which is EXACTLY what it seems like) but it's actually pork hocks which are totally sketchy to cook with. But I gave it a whirl and it turned out alight. Pretty sure that can't be good for you as all it is is gravy basically. Oh well.

I was puppy sitting for my SIL's dog this weekend too. Taz. Cutie. Well Taz and Daisy were play fighting all weekend. I wasn't sure how much was play and how much was a dominance thing but they were never yelping so nobody got hurt. Just tired out. Plus Daisy got sick again. I don't know if she's alergic to Taz or what, but she barfs and gets sick every time they play! I think I try and spoil them a little bit and give them lots of treats and do tricks and stuff with them for treats, plus Taz isn't that interested in food and Daisy goes nuts for it, so she eats hers and Taz's share. Anyway, my puppy is sick now at home. Hopefully she's alright, she didn't go out this morning for a pee and didn't eat anything or drink anything since last night. Basically she didn't wake up this morning to do anything except walk to a different blanket to sleep on. Poor baby.

Anyway, lots of blog reading to catch up on. I'm going to do my best to be extra extra on plan. Or at least in a calorie deficit if it's going to be some bad foods (cookie this morning at office meeting, however didn't pack large lunch and hitting the gym hard tonight). It's almost the end of February already! Nearly picture time again and I'm not feeling any different!!!


Cara said...

Maybe you lost a pound of snot? JUST KIDDING. someone else told me that once and I laughed for a really long time.

As for spice I use a lot of cayenne pepper in soups (as well as pasta). Usually spices it up a bit, and takes the place of salt often times.

I am sorry about your pup. My pups have super allergies and if they eat the wrong treat they throw up a bit and then lick their paws until they bleed. awesome right? I hope your pup gets better soon.

Jenn said...

Hi Randi.
Sorry to hear that you are sick, that sucks!

I wasn't very good this weekend - too much pizza! But oh well, sometimes you just have to live!

I'm not ready for the next round of pictures either, I don't feel different at all even though I think I'm down a few pounds....I need to get my butt in gear!