Monday, February 4, 2008

food (snooze)

Food today:
b - oatmeal w/protein powder and figs (baked all together, this is actually leftovers, sooo good. Like a cake or something.)
s - banana bread (office meeting snack. So good, with nuts and chocolate chips.)
l - weird tomato soup (homemade, a bit funny but still good) Carrots and hummus, cantaloup
s - yogurt
s - ???

And I tracked all weekend. Even my nachos for the super bowl. (I sort of felt odd feelings, like it was ok to eat bad food as long as I wrote it down. I have never felt like that before...)

Ok leave this as a separate boring one.

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Jenn said...

Wow, doing good so far today! Good job on tracking this weekend!
I track on my WW online tool, but I'm almost embarassed to post it on my blog. I eat a ton of low point snacks, and meals that are just like a big snack. Maybe I'll get brave and post my day too!