Friday, February 29, 2008


I think I shouldn't have said that. I may have jinxed myself. But things really are going perfect for me. Sorry no post yesterday, all will be explained.

Let's begin with the WI. Today is the last day of the month. review of goals told me to:
weigh 136 by the end of the month

Well the scale was beings super weird this morning. Fluctuating more than 2 lbs while I was standing on it. and it's a digital scale. It showed readings of 137.4 a couple times, 137.2 a couple times, 136.4 once (and flashed the 138 at me before settling down). It was bizarre. I'm going to go with the 136.4 since it's the lowest number. It might be harder to get a loss next week, but I don't want any fake losses anyway. So with that, I'm 0.4 lbs from my February goal. I don't think that's too bad at all!

I was also supposed to eat a veggie and protein meal with no starches twice a week. I didn't really keep track of this. So that's bad. But I know that I've adopted a new supper go to. And it's just that, a meat and a veggie. It's becoming more of a 4 times a week or more thing, but not at the beginning of the month. Averages out to a check.

And I wanted to track foods. I know I didn't do this perfectly. Definately not on the weekends. However just the idea that I was supposed to track has helped get my mind in the game a little bit. In the past month I've gone from pecking and randomly choosing snacks and suppers to having an idea and generally sticking to it for the whole day. Example, I no longer stuff food in my lunch kit and decide at lunch what I'm going to eat. I pack it with an idea in mind, and no overstuffing. Suppers are still kinda tricky (forgot to plan today) but I (usually) don't wander around the kitchen eating almonds or a banana or whatever while I decide what to cook. By writing it down on here I at least give myself an idea. For example today i'm thinking it might be nice to eat out or at least order something. (don't worry I won't go nuts, no fries for sure. but maybe a sub? something like that)

So overall I give myself a B- on my goals. I didn't exactly do them perfectly at all. But I still got the benefit of them if you know what I mean. They served their purpose.

Here's the other perfect thing that's going on for me lately. I had a doctor appointment yesterday to see the results of my bloodwork. (hence no post). Well super long time readers might know that I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about a year ago and that's what really started to kick my butt in gear about getting in shape and being healthy (and subsequently losing 20 lbs). I was so embarrased to be only 25 with high cholesterol (granted it's hereditary) and thought that just painted me as a lazy fat slob who didn't care enough about her health to take care of herself (which really wasnt' the case anyway, I exercised a couple times a week at least and ate quite healthy even before). but never the less those yucky feelings were motivation for me to join this great journey with all of you.

So yesterday I got my results back. I'M CURED! if you can be cured then I totally am. All my numbers are now in the low end of the acceptable range. And my ratio bad to good is not even average risk. IT'S BELOW AVERAGE RISK! Even with my terrible family history of this, I am BELOW AVERAGE RISK now! YAY! I was so excited yesterday! I treated myself to a tub of light cool whip at the grocery store for eating with berries this weekend. Plus I bought myself some cute mini kitchen gadgets (a hand blender, coffee grinder, and a minichopper from Extra Foods, $8.50 each.)

And today is friday and I get to listen to my awesome podcast this afternoon. Plus the work that has taken me months and months and is getting embarrassing that I'm still not done is just FLYING all of a sudden. I'm meeting my sister for a work date at the university tomorrow so I can finish edits on my thesis and probably will hit the gym while I'm there. Plus we're going to Starbucks. PLUS it's March and that's my birthday month and there's only a few weeks until Easter! Things are soo good!

Tomorrow I will take pictures and try and put them up here on Sunday. Also this afternoon I'll try and come up with some March goals. It's exciting because the scale goal is going to be in the lower 130's. Somewhere I've never been! tough but exciting! Hope you guys are doing just as awesome!


eurydice said...

That's really amazing about the cholesterol Randi - way to go!

Cara said...

Wow Congratulations!! You are giving me hope now! I am only 23 w/ high cholesterol and I was working out and eating better too. I am doing better now because of it, which is prob better for me in the long run (to know that I can easily get high cholesterol, or have it w/out being too terrible, etc). Definitely good motivation!

i am so excited for you though! woo hoo!

I will do my measurements on Sunday I think :-0

Congrats on staying on goal too! Woo hoo!!!

Alla (green girl) said...

congrats on being below average :)
sounds like you got some great results this month - you should celebrate! good luck with the march goals!

sherijung said...

Whoo hoo! Those are the numbers that really count, whatever the daily scale reading is. Way to go Randi!

Lex.D said...

Hurrayyy!!!! That's fantastic!!!!
Way to go!!!

Creatingadiva said...

way to go!! i'm glad things are working out so perfectly for you!

katieo said...

That is SO great about the cholesterol!

And I have to agree, this time of year right now is just working for me.
(and low 130's? that IS exciting!)