Thursday, February 14, 2008

Try this

How's this for the healthiest meal ever award?

baked fish with this spicy smokey seasoning
lemon couscous
steamed asparagus
glass of skim milk

That was my supper last night. Delicious! Easy! I couldn't quite leave it at that though. I needed my post supper sweetness and since hubby just had a tart I craved one. However, I asked him if I had one bite would he finish the rest, he said yes and it was done. Glad he likes them. They shouldn't be around for much longer. I'm taking about 6 over to my friend's house today for dessert. She's making supper. Then we are scrapbooking and I am playing with her baby! I think I'll have 1 tart. I don't know how I could bring them and not even eat 1. We'll see. If I'm stuffed I will use the excuse. What do you think guys? Would I be going off plan if I eat a tart tonight at my friend's?

Food today:
b - oatmeal with banana and cinnamon
s - nothing
l - leftover couscous and fish, grapes

other food for the rest of the day: (either snacks or with lunch, we'll see how hungry I am)
small yogurt, cheese string, kashi granola bar, figs, carrots, apples

Here's why there's so much for snacks. Because I'm swimming today! Busy busy day.

First I work up at 5:30 with a supper sore throat, couldn't sleep. Got up got a Strepsil to numb my throat, tossed and turned and slept through the alarm. (luckily it's set too early) so woke up just in time. Packed a ton of stuff, scrapbook stuff, lunch, swim stuff, getting dressed again stuff. Did forget the stuff I was supposed to give my sister. Still felt like crap so had some daytime pills. I forgot those turn my brain off. I don't sleep exactly, but basically am asleep with my eyes open. Oh well. The morning flew by.

Class last night was much easier than monday's. I forgot to mention the revelation I had Monday. I ate pretty bad on the weekend. Well particularly monday on the drive home. So I was struggling in class. It was amazing how much the bad food affected my workout. Ridiculously. Well after 2 days of eating great, class was awesome yesterday. I had energy, pushed myself, awesome. Well my SIL had eaten crappy for 2 days and had a terrible class! Just 3 days proves my whole theory. How weird. So even more motivation to eat awesome. (remember it!)

So today after work I'm going to go to the gym and hit the pool! yay me! Excited! But it's going to be a quick one because I'll only get there at like 5:10 and have to be at my friend's house at 6:00. And that's going to include showering and everything. I have the hardest time getting redressed after swimming. I hate dry skin and swimming is super hard on me. I'm amazed that I swam so much as a kid because the after math is such a big deal for me now a days. Anyway I'll deal with it. I can probably swim for almost half an hour. Should be good enough.

So this Valentine's day I won't even see my husband since by the time I get home, he'll be gone to hockey. Hm. I'm not really sure if we've ever spent a Valentine's day together. Oh well. We'll have this weekend. i'm really looking forward to this weekend. I can finally unpack my bag. Monday is a holiday here too and SIL is gonna have to work so it'll be just the 2 of us. (not that she's bad or anything, I just like my space sometimes.)

Ok that's all, gotta look up directions for my friend's place tonight.


Jenn said...

Hi Randi!
Your dinner sounds delicious! I've never tried couscous, but maybe I should. And great job at resisting the whole tart!! I think its ok if you have a tart with your friend tonight. I agree with you that you kind of have to have one since you are bringing them. But the entire rest of your day is healthy, and you are going to get in a great workout swimming. So enjoy!! :)
Have fun seeing your friend. I'm jealous that you get to play with a baby, I love babies!

Stinks that you won't see your hubby. Definately do something fun to make up for it this weekend! :)

eurydice said...

I'd say it's up to you if you tart it up tonight or not. You could always take one, have a few bites, then use the stuffed excuse.

I am with you on the swimming. I used to lifeguard as well, and now I hate being wet, especially in the winter. Kudos to you for going!

A.L.L.A (green girl) said...

I use that tactic as well with the sweets - I'll have a taste and give the rest to my husband... it works, plus, my hubby knows me well enough not to give me more, even if I beg... lol

The dinner sounded good - I love couscous... but what kind of fish did you have?? :) I'd like to know...

Cara said...

Have fun swimming! Let me know how it goes!

I would say go for the tart but eat less of other snacks. And think of your revelation about how eating crappy makes you feel crappy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lex.D said...

mmmm that dinner sounds so scrumptious.

Like Jenn i've never tried couscous, but I did buy a box and it's just been sitting in my cupboard. I have no idea what to do with it, or what to make with it lol.