Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Don't know what to say, just jump into it.

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day. Work was good, weather was good, had a nice visit with hubby over supper - not in front of the tv. had a good workout, stuck to my food plan. very good.

I made grilled steak since we had some marinating from FIL since friday. Mmm, I think it was elk though I'm not sure. I really can't taste the difference unless it's bad. Had that and a whole bunch of steamed asparagus with becel spray. That's it! It was still just about a full plate and thank goodness steak takes a long time to eat (cutting, chewing etc). I really really wanted a banana afterwards, especially since they are the perfect ripeness right now. But I didn't! I told myself it could be post workout snack and left it. Did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen with hubby right after eating and that helped distract. Made my green tea (which is totally cheating green tea, it's really lipton Green Tea To Go. But it's still sorta green tea right?) and chugged that until I forgot about food. Walked the dog, changed for class. I ate an access bar from Melalueca. It's this protein bar sort of thing that's only like 100 calories and it's supposed to help you burn fat during your workout. I have a bunch still and since I wasn't stuffed from supper like I usually am I had it before class. I don't know if it really does anything. But it tastes like a chocolate bar and only has 100 calories so I'm ok with it.

Then class was good. Instructor was just getting over a migrane so didn't want to bounce around, therefore we only did the weight portion of the class. Which was ok with me. I worked it hard and it was great. I almost died in the squats, could barely get up, had great form. Did die in the bicepts, I had to drop the weight and switch for the last like 4 reps, pitiful. If I'd have known there were only 4 left I'd have hung on. Even the deadlifts were extra tough. I really focused on good technique and had my 2 10 lb weights. UGH! In a good way! Like a happy tough grunt. UGH.

Came home and ate a bowl of yogurt with all bran and a banana cut up in it. Very good. Nice and healthy. Not too many calories.

I'm a bit sore today. Not really muscle sore, but I feel muscle fatigue as if I just finished the class. I guess that's what a week off will do for you. I'm wearing my tight jeans too. They fit, they're just tight in the thigh where my giant thighs are. I usually avoid these jeans but I thought they'd be a nice reminder too stay focused. I'm not feeling skinny exactly today, but I do sort of feel tighter and smaller and better than a month ago. I guess we'll see at picture time. (probably doing pictures this saturday morning, stay tuned).

Food today:
breakfast - omega 3 granola with milk. a big high in sugar I guess but it's 1/3 fruit and nuts and delicious. And I only had 1 cup and it kept me full.
lunch - ham sandwich with lettuce and mustard. grapes.
snack - apple and cheese
supper - steak again. Maybe steamed beans this time.

Also hitting the gym for a run after work. I'm going to make up a triathalon training thing this week. I found a couple in magazines that I'm going to adapt. It will be nice having a plan to stick to and not just deciding that day what i'm going to do at the gym.

Anyways, work to do!


Jenn said...

Hi! Sorry for making you feel bossy!!! :) But on a side note, it is really nice to have someone provide motivation and a good example to follow.

I had steak yesterday too - moose steak. It was pretty good, really low in points too. I made homemade fries with mine though, which really aren't too bad either. Just potato sprayed with Pam, seasoned and baked for a long time.

Good job with getting in a tough workout yesterday. I haven't had muscle burn in too long. I'm definitly doing a hard workout tonight. I love the sore feeling that you get with good workouts.

Oh and it is pretty neat that we have so much in common. It's a shame that all of the cool people that you meet on blogs live so far away!!

tash said...

Sounds like you had a great workout day AND food day! Great job!!!

Jen said...

It definitely sounds like it WAS a damn good day!!!

I kind of copped out of an exercise at my yoga class on the weekend and I felt a bit disappointed in myself...not fun, but if you are feeling it today then it sounds like it was an awesome workout...I like "feeling it" the day after...not being sore, but being tired, because I feel like I have REALLY worked out!

I love how much you love bananas!!! I could never get myself to like them!!

Creatingadiva said...

awesome job on having a good day! Don't those make you feel so fabulous?! I love your blog...I'm adding you to my blogroll!