Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a double post?

To make up for lack of post yesterday? Too bad I don't think I have that much to say, well let's see what falls out of my brain today anyway.

So I'm getting sick of my bad soup. Well it's not bad, but it's not good. It's just stewed tomatoes (homemade) with a little bit of beans and little bit of chicken stock and blendered and milk added and dill. It's not bad. But I like good old canned tomato soup and this wasn't much like it. I've got one meal's worth left. I'm not sure if I'll eat it for lunch tomorrow or just dump it. 3 times is enough I think.

Suppers have been less than healthy, but I did write it down (by the way, I wrote yesterdays food down in the blog post that I lost...I did write it down...oh it was basically the same as today)
B - toast w/ peanut butter
s - grapes
l - weird tomato soup, carrots with hummus
s - yogurt, melon
supper - not sure yet....

I suppose I'm not supposed to eat meat today. Though I'm not sure if I'll follow that because when it was "invented" meat was a treat and a big expense and whatever, and in that way, I don't really think I'm going to...oh whatever, we'll see. Like you're supposed to be able to eat fish still, but fish is more of a treat for me than meat. And we had fish sticks last night. Fish sticks and oven fries and green beans. I did better about defining the end of the meal (oh wait that might have been discussed in the non-post). I tend to snack a bit while making supper, then snack a bit when cleaning up. I need less grazing at supper time. Glad I've identified this though. I credit logging my food. Great, guess I'll have to keep this up.

So I'm going to Edmonton this weekend (aka a bigger city) for a visit with one of my best friends. Of course we're also making a shopping trip out of it. We're going to Ikea and the West Edmonton Mall (aka a big mall with indoor water park and roller coaster etc.). I also want to try and find a Whole Foods store since I've been hearing so much about it from all y'all. Does anybody else know Edmonton and have any recommended stops? We're going to have some time just hubby and I while the other dudes are at work (since we took off friday and monday) so we'll have to have something to fill our time.

I was sort of annoyed this morning when I had no comments with suggestions, then I realized I didn't post this yesterday. sorry for being mad at you for no reason. But make sure to give me ideas now (especially you fort mac people who I know make Edmonton trips).

Wanna hear what I decided to shop for?
Some jeans since - yay - mine are all getting too big. I can wear them one day out of the wash, but after that I need a belt.
A belt - yay - all my brown belts are too big and I don't want to just punch more holes in them
Boots - just fun. Nothing about being skinny. Black ones, hopefully cheap. I only have one pair of brown boots from like 6 years ago at payless, they're falling apart.

That's about it really. Hubby wants to buy a new stand thing at Ikea, and if I can find an appropriate table thing for our hallway I'll get it. I'm sure I'll end up getting stuff at Ikea but I don't know what yet.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a bit of snack food for the road. (5 hour drive each way). Some cheese strings, some trail mix, Kashi granola bars, more green tea singles. Plus I bought stuff to make food to bring. As in I made tortilla rollups and cookies last night to bring. I'm thinking of making cupcakes as well, sort of a valentine's day thing. I love giving food. Any ideas of other nice hostess gift sort of things?

Oh yeah, so we'll be leaving friday morning. I'll do a WI before we go I'm sure, but no post friday. And as that is 2 days from now without any amazing changes, I will not be bikini comfortable. Especially later in the day. First thing in the morning for 10 minutes maybe (anyone else notice how much thinner you are here?). So I'll bring my tankini's, and maybe buy another one if we find any cheap (yeah right). This girlfriend of mine is a naturally tall lean girl. The kind who don't really have any boobs, but don't have any fat either. Opposite of me genetically. So comparison pictures will be judged harshly by yours truly. However she's skinny in a way that doesn't annoy me so that's nice. And she's got broad shoulders and hips so it's not like she wears size 2 so shopping with her will be alright.

And pictures will also show this major zip that I've got on my chin. Then I picked at it and popped it and now have this red scab on my face. Awesome. Why do I do that every single time? After I did the damage I remembered the warm wash cloth on the area trick to make it pop naturally. It did help a bit. dumb dumb dumb.

anyway, I think I'm done. I wanna hear back from you about the places to go in edmonton and what to bring as a gift for the couple for letting us stay there and everything. Also, whatever else you want to comment on...


tash said...

I was wondering why there was no post yesterday!

Have fun shopping! I don't know Edmonton at all so I'm no help.

Aas for hostess gifts, wine is always nice. Or a nice port and desert. Or if you know what the house looks like, a nice tablecloth, placemats etc.

Jen said...

When I go to Edmonton it usually consists of Ikea, Costco, Old Navy, Future Shop. Michaels and West Ed Mall (where I hit LOTS of stores...I like to look!)

I always go to this place called the Cupcake Bakeshoppe too (I went last year and LOVED it and now send everyone there to get me a cupcake)...It's cute and it's my treat...

I like the idea of bringing baked goods as a hostess gift! Just put them in a nice tin/box/container and I don't think it would go unappreciated!!!

I would toss the soup too...especially if you don't LOVE got a few meals out of it!
(and thanks for your advice on my LENT challenge...I DID think of that later and I budgeted it in!! You're right, it would have contradicted it!!)

Amanda said...

I have to admit...people who give me food as a gift are not really on my gerat list...I mean in trying to lose weight when someone gives you the foods you so consciously avoid making or buying for yourself...well it's like a sabatoge. Sorry, just my two cents on that particular gift.

Have fun shopping, always excited to find you can fit in smaller things.

Lex.D said...

Oohh, you will have so much fun in Edmonton! I lived there for most of my life, and I miss it like crazy!
WEM will be awesome. Be sure to go up the escalators to the movie theatres to check out the flaming dragon (although sometimes he doesn't spit flames). The rides at the amusement park in the mall (yes folks, *in* the mall) are fun also. If you have time, the swim park is a lot of fun. The slides are insane, and the wave pool is pretty fun also.

My favorites are hitting the shops on Whyte ave (south side). I would recommend walking up Whyte ave vs driving as there are many shops and restaurants to visit. Hopefully the weather works for you if you do that.

Ikea of course is a must. (Ikea is now by an area called South Common, which is essentially big box stores. It's almost like an outdoor mall, if that makes any sense. There are many outlet stores where you'll find oodles of discount clothes.
Ummm... hmmm... so many things!
Here's a link that may help you. It's one of their local magazines that may help narrow some places down:

Cara said...

Only have ideas for whole foods: eating meals there is a lot of fun! they tend to have a ton of different place to get cooked meals there, either buffet style or cooked for you right there.

Also on Sunday they tend to have free samples everywhere with a ton of free expensive cheese, and chocolate. mmmm.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Have fun in Edmonton! I haven't been there in years.

You might as well toss the soup. I think you made a good effort by eating as much of it as you did!

Jenn said...

Hi Randi.
Maybe freeze your soup in individual portions next time, that way you don't have to eat it all at once? Thats what I do.

I've never been to Edmonton so I can't give you any advice on that, sorry!

I think its a cute idea to make cupcakes to take with you - just try not to eat too many of them yourself! Maybe stop and get your friend some flowers, or nice coffee table book - something that won't be too tempting for you!

And for the record - I think your look gorgeous and that you are bikini ready! You are solid muscle! I'd love to look like you.

Have a fun time this weekend!