Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I'm having a good day. A little stressful but I'm loving it. Was working on this dull slow stuff, got a call today and had to shift gears to do this other thing that's busy busy and due sometime tomorrow. Day goes so much faster this way.

Why yahoo for a title? why such a good day? Stepped on the scale today, saw 136.something. Can you believe it? Seriously, one super good day will reward you!

Here's what I'm talking about. Monday I went to bed hungry. I ate enough, I just ate supper early so I was due for a snack. Well supper was just hamburger soup which I really don't know any nutritional info about so maybe it wasn't enough for a supper. Anyway, I didn't have a snack, went to bed with a grumbling tummy. I think every single time I do that, just like once a week, it helps give me a loss. Probably I eat at maintenance all week except for that one day, but it works for me!

oh and hamburger soup is usually the best soup ever, but mine is sort of weird. It's just soup made with ground beef and veggies and I put barley in and beans this time. But I used way to many tomatoes, and no canned tomatoes which are much thicker and concentrated, so ended up weird. But really it's just veggie soup with ground beef. hamburger and in hamburger meat, not as in a burger. though that sorta sounds good too. But pickles?

Food today:
b - 3/4 of an english muffin with margarine, dropped it on the floor. banana
s - nothing, day flew until noon
l - hamburger soup, grapes
s - cheese stick, apple, carrots (any or all)
s - spaghetti and meatballs and some steamed veggies. I'm all about the steamed veggies lately.

Yesterday I went to the gym after work for almost 2 hours. Ridiculous! I started on the bike for 15 minutes, then went straight to the treadmill. part of my tri training! yay! Did 25 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. 1 minute at 13.5+km/hr, 2 minutes at 10.5. Very sweaty. Nice and pooped. then did some strength stuff with my sister. Chin-ups. Still feel pretty strong at that, though I did use counter weight. Then we did some free weight junk, dips, I tried to convince her to come try the squat rack with me (never done it before!) but she has 0 interest in anything with a barbell. boo her. We did a nice cable pull sort of thing that felt pretty tough. But she totally sucks and used like 15 lbs to my 60. ha! To be fair she knows she has no back muscles and that's probably why she got scoleosis and is trying to increase it. (her bones rub together because she doesn't have any muscles behind her shoulder blades. ew) Anyway, enough about her, more about me.

So after gyming, I went to the grocery store. Just needed some easier quick healthy lunch grabbers. I'm always running late in the morning lately. So I was soooo impressed with myself in the grocery store. I literally only bought fruits and veggies, yogurt, milk, cheese and cooking spray. $50 worth though! I bought frozen beans, fresh asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, apples, pears, more apples, bananas, baby bananas, grapes, oh and a weight watcher cookbook. Not cause it's WW! Funny, I just talked about bashing them yesterday! But it's 5 ingredients or 15 minutes and I liked that.

Proving my point about WW, about 1/3 of the recipes I would consider unhealthy. A whole section of desserts and snacks, which sure you're going to eat them, but they aren't health food. Plus the whole appetizer/drinks section seemed unhealthy. There were dip recipes that were 2 pts a serving, but that didn't include the crackers or whatever you're dipping. However I really really like the breakfast part and the side dishes part, lots of good ideas for veggies which I'm not obsessed with. (yesterday I steamed some beans with this spice grinder I got at Costco and ate it with leftovers, beans were my favorite part by far.)

Anyway, my point is it's shaping up for a good WI and my February goals are looking more reasonable! Yahoo!


Jenn said...

Congrats on being so awesome!!! 2 hours at the gym is great! And yay for the fantastic potential weigh in!!

And thanks for the breakdown on the hamburger soup. It sounds good. I'm going to have to find a recipe.

And you are so right about the WW recipes. You have to be careful with them, thats for sure!

eurydice said...

wow 2 hours at the gym is some serious gym time. but i don't understand how anyone can be in and out in under an hour. not possible!

A.L.L.A (green girl) said...

hamburger soup sound yummy - especially with barley and beans!

and 2 hours at the gym! wow... good for you! Did you end up trying the squat rack?

I have a WW book as well, one of the older ones. You can find some good ideas for meals, and you can always modify whatever you don't like. I always look at recipes as "suggestions", not to be followed literally... :) but that's just me!

Cara said...

holy crap 2 hours!!? you are awesome!!!

Shannon said...

i saw 136 this morning too. yay us.