Monday, February 4, 2008

how was your weekend?

It was fine thank you. I did 7 loads of laundry. And that's about all.

I loved it.

not true,
we went out friday with some friends. The girl (who i'm supposed to be friends with and visit with, cause of course I wouldn't have anything in common with the guys right?) is alright. But so girly and dramatic. Well I guess she does have some drama in her life. Her mom left her dad and just left the city and everything. (sort of went coo-coo) and joined this other family and asks for gifts back that she gave them etc. but she keeps coming back every few months saying sorry and now she's back. But only for 3 days and then she flies the coop. So yes, this must be hard on her daughter, my friend. But my friend just needs to just realize what's going on and cut her mother out. Harsh but true. Because this girl is a nut case now too. She is drinking away her problems. "I'm having mom issues, let's go out tonight and get smashed". So basically I have no tolerance or acceptance of any kind for this so I just visited with the guys. (hello, being an engineer I probably have more in common with them than this kindergarden teacher anyway - don't get me started on how retarded schools and teachers are).

So I had a salad for supper on friday and diet coke for the rest of the night. Even though I wanted a treat, we were in bars and there's no healthy treats in bars. Everyone else was having wings and nachos and stuff. Not me! Another diet coke please.

But the rest of the weekend involved a bit of shopping, and a couple movies, laundry and sewing. I made a baby thing. Can't remember what they're called, but basically a bag that a baby wears (arms but no legs?). Anyway it's stinkin adorable. But I need some twill tape before I can finish it. sheesh.

hubby and sil went home so it was just me and Daisy. Nice. we were having some major car issues around our house too. My little brother's car is frozen or something so it wont' start. He got it towed out to our house to put in the garage so it can thaw. Then SIL tried to start her truck after it was parked all weekend and the battery was dead and wouldn't start so I had to give her a ride this morning. But my car almost didn't start. Sort of funny since last week it was -50 and last night and today it was only -28 but we had these problems this week not last.

Oh, I also went to church by myself on Sunday. I grew up going to church every sunday, not even a question. But then on my own, just don't go any more. I keep meaning to, but hubby would sooner sleep in, and I am easily talked out of it. But I went. So I'm please about that. I'd like to go at least once a month.

Yesterday I also did a crap load of cooking. I made tomato soup (which sort of just tastes like tomato sauce. Not like the canned soup I like.) But I also made some sundried tomato hummus (which I'm enjoying right now). And an apple oven pancake for breakfast (so easy and good, probably not that healthy, but no worse than regular pancakes. Apples, melted butter, then a flour, egg, milk dough poured on top and baked 30 minutes. SOOOOO GOOD!). Plus I'd bought figs and tried to find some kind of recipe for them (good for you with lots of fibre, plus yummy). So I invented a baked oatmeal, fig and protein "cake" (just those ingredients plus water, plus I boiled the figs with a little splenda first to soften). Best thing ever.

Anyway, I'm busy at work a bit. Big deadline friday so I might be a bit sparse on the comments. I'm reading though I promise!


Jenn said...

Sounds like you did a great job on the eating front this weekend! I don't think I could watch someone else eat nachos while I only had a diet coke - so major kudos to you for that!!
And I totally know what you mean about how you have to talk to the other girl, and that really does suck sometimes!! Matt has some hunting buddies who have really weird girlfriends/wives, and I always get stuck trying to make small talk with them - not fun at all!!

Your apple pancakes sound wonderful. I'm not brave enough to try figs, but its good that you're eating fruits instead of chocolate! :)
Did you see that I put up some pictures??

And I got Matt to go to church with me yesterday. We have to start going to church since we want to get married there this summer, but even after the wedding I plan on regularly attending - with or without him!

Good luck with your big deadline!!

Kate said...

I was always raised going to church every sunday too, no questions asked. But fell out of it when the ex didn't dig going, but I've been going once a week (for the most part) for about the last year. It's amazing how you can "get out of the habit".

eurydice said...

wow i can't believe you had nothing but diet coke at the bar... that's impressive!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Sometimes people have to muddle through with their problems until they can sort them out for themselves. Somewhere along the way we all handle something with less grace than we could. That's life :).

Good job having just diet coke at the bar!

ALLA (green girl) said...

I'm impressed by the 7 loads of laundry... I'm guessing you don't live in an apartment building (I almost beat up a gal this weekend over a load of laundry... she took mine out when I was 5 minutes late!). That oven pancake sounds good too :)