Friday, February 15, 2008

up a pound, ho hum

Well I guess just a pound isn't terrible after my weekend. Oh well, i've lost this one before, I can do it again.

So I ate a tart last night. Just one, and I had only a small bowl of chili. However I also ate a cookie this morning at work. A pretty pink valentine's day one this guy's amazing wife made. She's very Martha. But that was in lui of my banana and carrots. Let me start at the beginning:
Breakfast - yogurt with fibre 1. Combatting sore throat. Was also going to eat a banana on the drive in. Never.
Snack - cookie. Was going to have carrots, plans changed to banana when I didn't eat it. But ate a cookie instead.
Lunch - leftover couscous and fish. Yum. (it's just some kind of white fish. Basically cheapest the store had. I'm not fussy. And the couscous was just a box that you cook like minute rice). Also will eat banana, yogurt.
Snack - grapes, figs, cheese. Turns out I brought a lot of food today. I'll have a hard time not eating all of it. Afternoons are the worst. Let's hope I'm busy.

supper - not sure. Not really feeling like cooking with this nasty sore throat. Just feel like eating soup. Maybe chicken noodle soup.

So I went swimming yesterday right? I totally swam for 1 km straight! I'm amazing! yay! I was super quick. Well I guess it wasn't straight. I didn't do the turns at the end. I just stood up, turned around and kicked off. So that's a bit of cheating I suppose. But whatever. I only did 1 25 m length of breast stroke, and that's cause I was thinking of being done at 750 m. Changed my mind and got back into back crawl or front crawl. I'm awesome! Did all my swimming in approximately 20-25 minutes too. Sweet.

So I'm still not decided on what triathalon I'm going to do. But at least now I think I can do the longest swim without drowning so it'll just be about total endurance for the whole race. I wish somebody else was doing this with me. I may have to do an Edmonton tri so I can go with the friend's we visited. I just want somebody else to not know what they're doing too. I don't even know who to ask about the bike thing (mountain) or how serious the changes are. I'm sure I'll find somebody when I decide on a race.

Then scrapbooking didn't really happen. Just visiting with my friend and her baby. Such a cutie. She's 2 months old already but still just 9 lbs. She was a month early so that set her back a bit. But she's a cutie! Sorta fussy and I sure hope my kids aren't like that. But she made all these adorable faces and didn't freak right out when I held her. Did at first but I managed to move her and calm her down. I am soooo not used to tiny babies. I don't think I've really held one that small since high school or something if then. I always was just given a baby in the proper baby holding position and then somebody took her away and I didn't move. But I could switch arms and turn her around and stuff. Fun. Maybe next year.

Ok, weekend plans. None. I've got a holiday monday and am looking forward to it. Just sleep and playing with the puppies (we're puppy sitting SIL's dog.). Maybe some fun scrapbooking or rearranging furniture or something. It's going to be tricky to eat well when I'm at home since I tend to eat when I'm bored. However I've stocked up on grapes and berries and bananas and might make a hummus or something so all my treat snacks will be fruit and veggies. One of my favorite treats is a bowl of berries so it won't be a sacrifice or anything. Plus lots of yogurt for my poor throat. Send me healing powers!

Anyway, blogs to read. Podcasts to listen to. (a good one is Never Not Funny if you're interested.) Lunch hour is only so long. (an hour.)


tash said...

Great job on the swimming!

Jen said...

Good call on stocking up on good foods!!! I don't do well when I am bored...and even worse when I am home alone!!!

You did an awesome job on the swimming!!! I don't swim, so I didn't realize it would be cheating if you just turned around...I think I would get lost or something if I tried to turn around under water...I don't have a good sense of direction

eurydice said...

swimming is such great exercise - way to go!

Jenn said...

Hi Randi!
I'm sorry that you have a sore throat, I hope it goes away before it turns into anything.
Great job on swimming so much. I can't tell you the last time I went swimming. It sounds like so much fun now though since its a summer activity that can be done in the winter. I miss summer...but I digress, way to rock all of that swimming. :)

Weekend fruit and veggies snacks sound yummy. I love hummus. I'm making peach smoothies for desert tonight at a friend's house because I don't want the chocolate cake that she made a few days ago. :)

Have a great weekend!!

Lex.D said...

Swimming is so much fun! Great work!!

Vanessa said...

Great job on the swimming. Feel better soon!

Candace said...

Family Day with the puppies sounds fun. I miss family day. Nova Scotia sucks. I want family day, too.