Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm just not feeling like working. I'm feeling like planning. I want to plan things. Or else do mindless work so I can listen to stuff. Instead I've only got sort of thinky work to do. (report writing, way in advance so it's not urgent). oh by the way I finished that urgent report and had it reviewed and very very few edits, so that's huge progress for me, yay. I'm sort of on the crash from the last few days of uber-productivity.

So I'm not going to feel bad about slacking for the next half hour. I'm sorta waiting to hear back from the client, also to meet with some guys here at work so not completely lame on my part. anyways.

Planning, what do I want to do planning for? Big things! For example, I was thinking of my SIL's wedding and of maybe throwing her a shower or something. However I'm way early, the wedding isn't until October. But I love planning...

So then I thought my other SIL is having a baby in about a month and a half. So planning a shower for her and her baby is possible, but really that wouldn't be happening until late May or later. Plus I don't think I know as much about baby showers (having never had one) so I just feel less prepared for it.

But then maybe we'll plan a scrapbook party. I'm in this group for my SIL where I have to buy some scrapbook junk every month minumum $25, but then once a year I get to be the recipient of the free stuff. Basically like a tupperware party is held every month and I spend $25 each month and then once a year I get to host the party when everyone else spends $25. It's a genius move for anyone who has one of those Tupperware, Party Lite, Scrapbooking, etc home business things. She's guaranteed a party with $250 in sales every single month without doing any stinking work. Here's how it's dumb though, if I just had a party myself once, and spent the full $25x12 months ($300) at my own party, I'd be getting way more free stuff. Annoyed.

Anyway, March is my birthday month, and is also my hosting month. Now you don't have to do anything for a party, but you can throw one if you want to invite people and increase your sales. Cool. Last year I did have a party and it was mild. I hate doing things like that and nobody shows up. Like the sex toy party I had years ago. Also, this is worse since I think SIL sucks at being a consultant. She doesn't give you the things that the catalogue says you get for being a host. She has some draws or whatever but all the things are from the Dollar Store not from the actual company she's selling for. She is so disorganized about the instructions for projects planned. As in, she doesn't plan anything, just brings all the cool stuff from the company and says she'll show anybody anything they want to see. Which kinda makes sense because that way people can see whatever they're interested and might be likely to buy. However, nobody knows what they want to see because they've never seen it before. Also, they end up wanting to see every single thing and that takes way too long and everyone's doing other things at the same time and it's like a kindergarden class! Plus since she's only into card making, not using pictures and making pages (ya know, scrapbooking?) she doesn't ever show anything about the products for making pages, just cards. And I am the opposite, I make cards because I feel like I have to, it's sort of work though. But it's how I use up scraps and I can't imagine paying for a card.

So while I'm bitching (not planning after all...) this same SIL is crazy. Why would anybody install a reverse osmosis system (water purifier) in their house? Well they're doing it because they're sick of hauling water jugs around. Sure, but why would you need water jugs? If it's taste alone, you're retarded. Shut up. We live in Canada, the place that has the most clean water than anywhere in the world. Particularly here in Sask where our population is low, and there's not many industries etc polluting and we've got over 100,000 lakes (no joke!). PLUS, you live in a city which probably has the safest water in the province. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU! Chorine in the water is mostly used up by the time you drink it, besides it's low enough to not hurt you. The flouride in it is for your stinking benefit! Ok so you don't like the taste. well you get used to it honestly. You get used to any water. You should see what kind of water my grandma used to like. BOO YOU SIL!!! Spending like $300+ on this stupid thing. whatever. you annoy me.

So I guess I didn't feel like planning. I wanted to bitch. Sometimes you gotta do this. Hubby doesn't get it, he always either defends whoever, or is like "well great, should we not go visit them? What do you want me to do?" and the answer is, I want him to be like "yeah, they suck".

Anyway. Almost end of the work day. Phew, thank goodness. I'm not feeling cool about being here right about now. Not even feeling like going to the gym but I will...

oh food:
b - english muffin with peanut butter
s - nothing
l - hamburger soup, grapes, berries
s - cheese, apple, granola bar
s - ? I'm going to cook up a whole schwack of veggies and eat a FULL plate of this, and maybe leftovers or something.

Maybe I'll do timesheets or something to kill the last few minutes.


Candace said...

Boo SIL - they suck. Doesn't everyone know that most of the time tap water is actually safter than the bottled stuff. We do haul water, but only when our tap water gets funky taste - we're never sure why that happens, but hubby will say "The water is tasting funky again" and we'll take a trip to a local spring or get our jugs filled at the grocery. At 1.39 for 10 litres I figure it'll be fine until the funky taste goes away. I drink so much of it I want it to taste good. OK, maybe Boo me, too, but Boo you too - just because you're there. Gotta get back to work - my brain is all afog. Have a great weekend.

Jenn said...

Hi Randi!
Want to help me plan my wedding? LOL. I have too much planning to do. Have any good ideas for favors?

I know what you mean about wanting to bitch about someone and wanting your hubby to be on your side. You don't need him to solve your problems, you just need to vent!

Your menu for the day sounded good. I hope the veggies turned out right for you! I need to try making hamburger soup.

CaRoLyN said...

Whew, glad I wasn't on the receiving end of that one. Wouldn't it be awful if you SIl accidentally found your blog? Not likely though.

I actually really like my SILs. One is in Ontario and I've only met her a handful of times but the other is only a few mins away and she is fantastic. Why am I typing this? As if you care about my SILs. :)

Hope your day today is going better!

PS The water here in Saint JOhn kind blows. We have a well though so it's much better! don't care. haha