Thursday, February 21, 2008

Self Sabatoge

Dramatic title.

I dunno if I was really self sabatoging yesterday or if I just had an off day and sucked a little. I felt good and skinny all day thanks to that lovely 136 from the scale (Shannon saw it too! must be something in the water). Then go home and make the supper I had planned. leftover green beans and spaghetti and meatballs. With the sauce being a leftover frozen special sauce full of veggie purees and more veggies. Unfortunately I was eating alone since SIL was working and hubby decided to go straight into the garage instead of coming inside. So I ate in front of the computer, trying to figure out how to record streaming broadband video (any tips computer nerds?).

Anyway, goofed off on there for an hour. Then decided I needed a snack. Ok I can have desserts, I waited an hour after supper and still wanted it. So I had an english muffin with margarine. I was still pissed at having dropped my breakfast that morning. Yummy. However not satisfying the sweet thing. So I also ate half a hollow chocolate egg (the kind that has fuzzy peaches inside?). Boo me. I knew it was a boo me while I was doing it. And was telling hubby about how I was so pissed since I felt skinny all day. Why? but I don't really want to psychoanalyze it.

Anyway, the scale didn't punish my for it this morning. But who knows how the rotten scales work, it'll probably be mean tomorrow on WI day. Anyway, I saw the 136.6 again. Yay me. Hopefully I can lose the remaining 0.6 next week and meet one of my February goals!

No exercise yesterday. Hubby and I had to talk finances. We're setting up a new budget thing, right now we're on a free for all. He keeps track of the accounts and spends what he thinks we can afford (January frivolous spending for him: $650, after he'd already cut back significantly. Just at the bar or whatever. January frivolous spending for Randi: $150. On post Christmas clothing sales.)

So now we're setting it up so it'll be even, only $500 a month frivolous spending each. But that's going to include all clothes, make-up, bar trips, eating out etc. I'll be fine. I don't even get a haircut every month. And I'll be able to save up for a few months and buy a laptop and a piano eventually. As we were going I'd never be able to because I want the money there and then pay cash. Hubby always wants to buy things on payment plans and finds the money later. Leaving us as saving no money. Oh plus we're going to save $400 a month in combined "savings" and "misc". As in, we figured out gas and groceries etc but we might have forgotten something, therefore misc. The savings are for if the car breaks down or oil changes which are sort of irregular. Not to mention we're doing a little trick with investing and the mortgage and everything and putting away an extra $40,000 for retirement (before interest). I feel so much better. Hubby feels so much worser but knows it's for the best. That's why the whole night was blown talking about this, hubby was bringing up all these whatifs and stuff. Like all of his hobbies are more expensive than mine, hockey, hunting etc but will have to come out of his $500. I said, well no we can talk about things, like his hockey fees can maybe be joint, but any new equipment he wants will be his own. The same with my fitness classes and gym membership then. But he wants a quad one day and that's like $10,000. He'll never be able to save up his $500 a month for that. And I said, well maybe the "joint" would pay for half and he'd have to do a payment plan from his fun money for the other half. I figured we'd just meet each thing as it came on, but still not be sticky. If he buys toilet paper and kleenex and also grabs a magazine, I'm not expecting him to pay separately for it. It's going to be more or less $500 a month. I'm so excited. It will hopefully ease my spending guilt. (and I'm not the one who spends!)

Anyway, that was not fitness related at all.

I'm going to the gym today. Planning on just doing some intervals for 20 minutes and hitting the weights. Maybe not a good idea if I'm trying to see a happy number on the scale tomorrow as there will be water retention, but hey, the greater good.

Also, Lost should be on tonight. However with American Idol taking over the world I'm not sure. If it's on, that makes me happy. If it's not, I'll get some sh*t done and that makes me happy.


Jen said...

Thats great that you saw 136!!!! It would be great to reach your Feb goal!!!

I hate self sabotage days...if only it was easier to tell yourself to smarten up and stay the eff away from the food...not so easy!

That's also really awesome that you and your husband figured out the finances!! Me and mine need to hunker down on that as well!!

Cara said...

I self sabotaged yesterday. Boo. But life goes on. That's cool about figuring out the finances, teaches me a lot. I didn't even really get the whole idea of joint checking accounts until recently. I am not married yet though, but prob in the next 2 years or something. I suppose when we can afford a wedding. haha. Maybe if I stuck to a plan like yours it could be earlier. haha.