Friday, February 22, 2008

an early one - or not

So I thought I'd post a bit early today since I'm waiting for a model to run before I can do anything really. So I don't know how time zones work for everybody but maybe people will get a chance to read this before the weekend as well this way.

Weighed in this morning. 137.4. Up about a lb from yesterday but down like 1.5 from last WI. Progress, even if it's not the progress I was hoping for.

I just updated my little graph from the beginning of the year. I'll try and slap it in here...

edit - turned into a late post. Work got in the way, then somebody else needed to use my computer. I hate that. He just jumped on when I had all this stuff open still and probably saw all my blog stuff or my loss graph or whatever. Eeek. at least he didn't say anything. (I'm sort of doing this weight loss thing in secret, just gradually looking better in the office. Close friends know.)

So I decided I don't want to pull up that graph right now at work. I'll do it later this weekend. Remind me.

Anyway, my point was, since the new year, I have fluctuated up and down a lot in January, February at least has had a net loss. Not much according to my last WI but a loss still. Hopefully next week (the 28th!) will show me what I saw yesterday at a maximum. And I can be definately in weight loss mode again.

I think it's starting to hit me. Ever since last weekend when I was swimming with my friend. While I'm super comfortable with my size and shape in the office or on the weekends etc, I'm not comfortable in a bathing suit. I have lost lots of weight, but not enough to make that more comfortable. I was sort of feeling like I was good enough, just a few tweaks, but now I have renewed interest in losing at least 6 more pounds. I should plan a bathing suit event with friends once a month, just to keep my goal in site. I should also buy a new bathing suit. But one thing at a time.

So food today is going to be iffy. Breakfast was an english muffin with peanut butter. snack was a few mints and a cheese string. Lunch however, our office for the first time ever, ordered pizza for everyone. Thank goodness I only had 2 slices. We were quotioned (is that a word?) 4 each. I could have kept going, however my stomach was full. (my mouth wanted more though. It's been AGES since I've had greasy pizza. Pizza hut.)

Anyway, I've got afternoon snack of grapes planned. But supper I'll try and make light. It's gonna be just me. Hubby and SIL are going home this weekend (ice fishing, no thank you. I could stay home with the girls but I don't need an entire weekend being bored). So I'm going to get things done around the house and get a couple workouts in. I bought this cookbook at Costco yesterday (why do I keep buying cookbooks? I have enough! I only make recipes from the internet or my own head anyways!!). Anyway this cookbook is about doing a big swap with a few friends and making like 8 meals of the same thing, freezing it in individual ziplock bags, ready for the slow cooker or barbeque or whatever, your friends doing the same thing with another recipe, and then swapping out so you have 8 different frozen meals ready to go. I don't think I'm going to do the swap with anybody, I just want to know these recipes that can be put straight in the freezer and then just thrown in a slow cooker for 8 hours. Sounds perfect to me! (too bad some of you didn't live near me, you might be interested in doing this. I just don't really talk food and stuff with people I know in real life. we'll see though)

yesterdays food was good. However supper might have been a bit big. Hubby called saying he had bought a sub for himself so I might want to grab something for myself too. Well I should have just gone home and had leftovers like I'd planned. But a sub sounded really good, plus when somebody puts the idea in your head like that it's hard to forget. So I got myself a footlong turkey breast on whole wheat with cheese (I usually leave off) and lots of veggies and honey mustard. A pretty good choice overall. I still went home and steamed up some beans and ate a plate full of them before I could have my sub. But then I ate the whole sub anyway. Eek. And a banana for dessert. Very healthy, lots of veggies, some protein, sauce was even not bad. Cheese could have done with out but hey, I got the non processed kind. It was just a lot of food. Oops. I think that may have contributed to the higher scale reading. That and forcing and extra 1 litre of water down right before bed.

Oh, and the gym beating I took hours early. Well not really a beating. I did my HIIT. HARD! I did 16 minutes, 1 minute sprint (14-15 km/hr) and 2 minutes recovery. With a low incline (2%). It was nice and tough. I got so sweaty! Then I went and did my chinups, with only 40 lbs counterweight instead of 50. good. Then I tried to do some squats with a barbell but there wasn't really any good place to do it. I ended up just doing it next to the rack but I was sort of in the middle of nowhere and felt self conscious about it. I used either a 35 lb or 70 lb barbell. I didn't know if each side was 35 lbs or total. Isn't that dumb of me? I really should have payed more attention. I know I wouldn't be able to curl 70 lbs so I could have done that as a check. nope. idiot. Oh well, I'm pretty pleased with myself for doing barbell squats period. I could have used more weight, however I was scared of dropping it or not being able to get it off when I was done. Can't wait until my birthday when I buy myself a barbell set! yay!

Anyway. I guess it's back to work time. Get this blog off the screen in case i'm interupted again!


Cara said...

a loss is a loss and definitely something to be proud of :-)

Sounds like you had a pretty good day yesterday and so far today :-)

Jen said...

Wow, it sounds like you DID kill it at the gym!!!

I like how you made yourself eat green beans before your's almost like a penance...I do that kind of thing too if I eat bad, I have to drink x litres of water or x number of veggie servings!

I like the idea of a swimsuit party too, I think that would keep things in check, and also help you judge how good you feel in a swimsuit (regardless of what the scale says)

eurydice said...

your HIIT sounds really intense!