Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Almost forgot today!

So I've got 2 days of salad lunches down. Only 1 more and I met my goal. I also worked out last night so that's 1 down, 2 to go.
On another topic, I've finally started full time at work. Signed the contract and got a mini raise! Yay! not quite done the thesis but I'm getting as much done at work as I was at home. I did have a lot of trouble with temptation when I was at home. Just needed a break so I'd go to the kitchen. Now at work I don't have that option. I should mention also that there's not really any convenience stores or restaurants near by to cheat at. So this should help.
Tonight i'm going to try and plant grass in the backyard. Then maybe go for a run. I wanted to run last night but it was way too windy so I exercised inside. We'll see tonight.
Speaking of working out. I've been reading these blogs etc about fitness. And they're talking about bulking up and taking protein shakes and lifting weights to lose weight and how you don't need to do long steady cardio. Well I like it. I've always been strong, mesomorph type. well if I can make it work for me then I'll do it. THe theory is you burn lots of calories while doing strength training, plus the afterburn lasts way longer and the increased muscle increases metabolism. But they always say girls won't bulk up but I think I might. I don't mind it so much in arms and shoulders etc, but just from a once a week class I've been doing for 6 months and the squats we were doing, I'm getting bigger quads. I hope that this might look normal and lean again if I lose fat off them. Frankly I dont' care that much. If I look bulky muscley but have less fat I think that will look good. Like an exercise teacher or something. i'd love it. Makes me want to hire a trainer. This podcast I'm listening to is talking about flexibility and mobility of your hips affecting all this stuff (ie golf swings, back pain) so it's making me want to get checked out.
On the food scale, eating watermelon has been my saviour. makes me so full. Then I can spread the rest of my lunch out for the rest of the afternoon so I'm not starving at the end of the day. And it's been watermelon and cherries mostly. yay. need to buy some fat free pudding cause I've been eating the full fat stuff and doubling those calories unnecessarily. Also ate all the fruit today so I'm goign to stop on the way home and grab some more. Melons, baby carrots etc.
So I've been eating pretty good and working out pretty good, but it doesn't feel like only wednesday, I want a weigh in! I don't think i lost but I just can't help peeking. I wont' though. I want to get in the habit of once a week, .5 to 1 lb a week. Mini goal for the day also- no cookies. I'm goign to want them for dessert today but I'm not going to have them. Yogurt instead. There it's planned. wish me luck.

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molly-skinnyhips2be said...

It's all about weights baby! At least I'm a strong believer in it. Cardio is good for your heart and burning calories but if you really want to change your body you need to make muscle AND lose the fat over the muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. You burn calories after cardio for about 2 hours after. Weights? About 10!

I also think it is just empowering to be strong. I'm not into the waif look but I am into the strong, athletic type.

I'm not sure what you are doing to lose weight (was just introduced to your blog) but don't forget to eat enough. My body does a great job at "holding on" when I don't eat enough. As long as it doesn't think I'm starving it, lbs keep coming off. I would make a terrible anorexic!

Good luck!