Monday, June 25, 2007

Gain - 1.4 lbs!

So I had a gain. I'm not suprised. Last week was just too easy going. Not to mention the weekend was crap. I still found reason to be happy. Remember that measure I took last week or the week before? Well I did an unscheduled, unrecorded measure and my waist was down 1.4 inches. It was first thing in the morning straight out of bed when my posture was perfect and I wasn't letting anything hang out yet. That's why it's going unrecorded. But still something to keep me at it. Also last week I was really suprised by the number on the scale. I'd really love to break the 150s though. It would be just a big mental thing.
Well why was the weekend brutal? because it was so fun probably! Like I said I went for drinks friday which I could have lived without. Live and learn. Then saturday did a great morning interval run and weights in the afternoon. Maybe if I space it out I'll get two afterburn effects (the mind tricks we play...). Did a lot of snacking that night though. Healthy, but a lot. Then sunday I went golfing. Again my game is awesome! but couldn't finish the round because I had a wedding shower to go to. So that was fun and the food was awesome. I tried to eat fruit but there were cookies and pie and cake. And I had to try everything. sheesh. Supper was just soup cause I was stuffed. But then we had friends over for dessert and had a piece of cheese cake and then hubby brought out cheese and meat for nibblies and my will power was down. I'm usually so good at resisting that because they're not my type of snacks. But because I was used to eating all day I continued. Oh well. again. it happens and I've learned something from it and I'm moving on.
Tonight I won't be getting in a workout because I've got girlfriends coming over to scrapbook. That's alright, haven't had a day off in awhile, even yesterday was golfing. And I packed a veggie filled lunch (edamame again, yum) to kick start this week. I'm goign to review my entries for the past week before I decide on my goals this week. See what I can learn.

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katieo said...

150's was HUGE for me. Just to see 149.9 was a really big deal.
poo-poo for gains. oh well, we'll do better next weigh in right? :)