Thursday, June 7, 2007

good day

So I feel like I'm having a good day. Hard to say as it's only noon. But I exercised last night. Ate a sort of good for me supper and limited myself to 1 treat. This morning I ate watermelon and Raisin Bran for breakfast. Healthy I think. Cristal light with benefibre on the way to work. No morning snack. Now I'm eating another dish of left over hamburger helper. I feel good about that because what used to be just one lunch I've turned into 2. more watermelon and cherries. Then i'm going to stop. I've got a yogurt for this afternoon and my emergency apple and granola bar. I might dip into the granola bar late this afternoon. we'll see how I go. If it stops me from snacking while I make supper then it's worth it. I haven't planned supper yet but I'm thinking salmon and potatoes.
Oh forgot to mention. Husband called me from Tim Horton's and asked if I wanted a donut. turned him down. He never does that either. Like I finally decide to get serious and my first test is an hour after. I love donuts and never eat them so any other time I would have said oh yeah. I'll admit that I had 1 timbit this morning. Hopefully that's all I needed to satisfy a craving and I'll be good. Nice way to think about it I think.
I bought a new fitness magazine and I'm planning on reading that tonight, hard to snack while reading about exercise. Plus I've got to rake up the weeds in the lawn so we can plant some grass this weekend. that will count as my exercise tonight I think. If there's good tv I'll elliptical as well. I ran last night and want to give my feet a break. (i need new shoes!)
ok, if anybody stumbles across this let me know!

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