Friday, June 29, 2007


Ok well I snuck a peak. I know I know. I feel bad, I do. But the number was soooo good. starts with a one.....THEN A 4!!! That's awesome! But the reason I'm trying not to get too excited about it is because it was not an official weigh in day and when it finally comes around it could still be a loss but it might be higher than that number and it'll feel like a gain. oh the games we play...
but I am super excited that something I'm doing must be working. I'm not sure if anybody's read all the way back to my intro post but i've been more or less "trying" to lose weight for 10 years. But I basically was just not eating ice cream and seeing what would happen. Or switching to light cheese whiz, what's that going to do. Well it didn't do anything. So this is my first attempt at a REAL weight loss plan and measuring and everything. So the fact that this actually works is really exciting.
Last night I did super good. Supper was tomato soup and 1 hot dog. I made 2 but was full after 1 so that's all I had. And hotdogs are one of those things that I'll always eat 2 or 3 because you can eat them so fast you don't realize what you're doing, plus they have ketchup. yum. Then cleaned up the whole kitchen which was getting out of hand. burned a cd for the weekend. Went for a run. Well I did some serious intervals. If anybody is like me and follows my links from the fitcast to Alwyn Cosgrove to where ever they lead, somewhere in all of that I learned that HIIT is the way to go. And you can work out for a shorter amount of time, but your intervals have to be SUPER extreme. So since I was short on time I did that. Sprinting all out (well not quite) for the chorus and then really really slow jog for the recovery verses. I guess one thing somebody said was that people weren't slowing down enough for recovery, you're supposed to get your heart rate back down. So I did that. And I hated it, and it was awesome. Pushing myself so hard and running fast felt GOOD! but I did feel like puking at one point. Note to self: wait at least 2 hours after eating to do HIIT. Then I got home and did my Oxygen mag weight circuit. YAY! If anyone's interested this is it:
shoulder raises (sideways to a T shape) - 12 x 10lb
bent over rows - 12 x 10 lb
deadlifts - 12 x 10 lb
knee to elbow crunches - hold 1 10lb weight by head - 12
chest flys - 12 x 10 (or 15) lb
lunges (alternating legs) - 12 each leg x 10 lb
calf raises - 12 x 10lb
repeat 3 times
It's pretty good. gets your heart pumping too. esp lunges. ouchy!
Oh and I hope it's obvious that I mean 10 lb weight in each hand for all of the exercises, except crunches.
UPDATE: since I've got my new weights I've changed from 10 lb to 15 lb for each exercise except shoulder raises
I don't really want to do any work today. only half a day! so how about everybody posts comments and links to their blogs (which they've updated recently) so I can just read the morning away? Sound good?


kelly said...

i've never heard of HIIT so i googled it...i've heard of interval training and found this page:

i'm going to try it...reminds me of couch potato to 5k except more intense intervals.

Amuldoon said...

Hey there... found your blog via Shannon's blog.

Great job! I'll be tuning in for updates in the future for sure!

katieo said...

yay for 140's!!! That was so huge for me. I hope it holds for you!
And thanks for the link, we've linked you too. Good luck!