Friday, June 22, 2007

no time

Hey so I was going to post about now but the boss is closing shop! YAY! We're going to hit a patio since it's so nice here! Just 1 drink for me since I still have to drive and dont' need the calories. (nor need to be getting drunk with work people!) But I'll post again monday. maybe this weekend. What a nice thing to put me in a great mood for the weekend.


Kathleen said...

Randi, Glad you liked Wayne's World Blog.
Now, you need to know that you little drinky will kill you the next time you have to workout, not to mention the extra water that you will retain.
Great job on your loss so far, but get you those pics up so we can see your progress.

Randi said...

Boy wish I would have read that before I went out! Well I guess I sort of knew it before but now that I'm back it's not feeling worth it! (well the sun and a cold drink was nice, but I feel really drained right now). Well I'll hit it double time tomorrow - yay Saturday!